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select only where a result exists in all joins?

Hopefully this shows what I am trying to do... I need to join the list of groups in the Tblsearch to the groups in the tblData table but return a row only where the is matched on all other joins.
My approach to date has been to select for each row in the tblsearch the items from tblData with matching groupID and then inner join all the results but this somewhat messy to construct and not that good performance.   My real world data typically has only 5-10 rows (values in the search but up to about a million rows in the data table).
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Hi Paul, this is nearly exactly what I wanted, I think I misled you to go too far with the solution.
I provided 2 examples in my sheet but I was actually only interested in a one at a time scenario , they didn't need unionizing, I was just trying to give 2 different examples.
Would you be so kind as to simplify your solution so it would work with a given tblSearch and a tblData.

Thank you so much Paul.
I think solved this :
	select d.item from tbldata d 
	inner join(select Item, count(*) over(partition by 1) as tblcount from tblSearch2 s 
	on d.GroupID = s.Item
    group by
       count(*) = max(s.tblcount)

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That's about as efficient as I can get it isn't it Paul?
Yes, I believe it is.
More than I needed, thanks Paul!