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Cannot login to secure Web Sites

Since Virgin Media upgraded our Broadband service to 50 Mb/s and replaced the Hub for a Super Hub, I have been able to browse the Internet on all 13 workstations (on a Domain) without problem except - (and its a big except) - any site where I require a secure login i.e. Internet Banking, Ebay, PayPal etc., (the last two were for testing purposes only), I am not allowed to login and it immediately returns to the previous page - no error message.

Nothing has changed on the servers or workstations and the only change which could account for the problem is the Virgin Media super Hub and of course the Broadband speed increase. We currently have to accept the Super Hub in Modem/Router mode as it would not function as modem only with the Draytek Vigor 2830n router which has been cast aside for the time being.

As the Super Hub has little or no configuration capability, has anyone experienced such a problem and what the solution would be?
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It seems that Virgin engineers had installed the new router incorrectly and had to "rebuild" the connection from first principles. Moreover, the Super Hub (on Modem only) does not work correctly with the Draytek 2830n and it seems that we must adopt Virgins own router. Good speed - poor service and poorer installation from Virgins amateurs.

Thanks pulmacd for your valued assistance.
Happy to help - and I appreciate the points - but I'm curious as to why it's only a grade of "B" instead of "A".
Sorry my mistake on the grading.