How can one re-activate a Microsoft Office 2007 Student Edition which was lost as part of a stolen MacBook Pro?

My daughter's MacBook Pro laptop was stolen some time ago.  She has only recently replaced the laptop.  She still has the original Microsoft Office 2011 Student Edition DVD. However, we received conflicting advice as to whether she ought to be able to reload her original version on her new MacBook Pro, and find a way to have Microsoft permit her to re-activate it (presumably by de-activation of the version on the stolen MacBook Pro).  How can this essential application be re-activated on her new MacBook Pro?  To date, we have made no attempt to contact Microsoft (it seems to be very difficult to do so via either email or telephone without incurring a support charge).
Colonel (Retired) R. Bruce Morris, CD, P Eng
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Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Asked:
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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
I believe you would have to contact MS to explain your situation.  If you could shell out 99/year, you can get a Office subscription which is good for 5 devices.  We did that and it's great.
Microsoft still allows to activate the Office via phone. This option should be available when you are not connected to internet or you may find details here: and here:

You should call the activation center directly because the auto-answering phone system will refuse the automated activation probably.
Unlike with Windows, MS, at least the last time I tried, didn't have their draconian licensing features on Office for the Mac. If you have the original disk, I'd just load it and go forward. I'd be surprised if you came up against any road blocks.
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Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi all responders:
Thanks for the quick, informative responses.
I need to correct the information in the title of the question and in the contents.  The Microsoft product is Microsoft Office:MAC 2011!
In response to jocasio123, I choose not to opt for the $99 USD per year for more than one licence, since my daughter requires only one.
From the first of the referenced hotlinks in the pcelba response, the following statement is extracted:
You do not have to register your Microsoft product. However, when you register your product, you can receive support, product update information, and additional benefits. When you register your product, you must submit some personal information."
Hence, this appears to be consistent with the response by jhyiesla.
I will attempt to simply load the original DVD for MS Office:MAC 2011, and await the outcome.  I am not concerned about the lack of support implications by not registering the product, unless such is needed to obtain the regular updates for the product (I am certain that their have been, and will continue to be, such updates required!).
I will advise the results of my efforts, on my daughter's behalf, once I have completed the installation process for MS Office:MAC 2011.
Since we are in Canada, we will have to go through extra "hoops" to register via telephone, should this become necessary.
Just one clarification: Activation and Registration are two different things. Activation is necessary to make the product working. Office should stop working after certain time without activation. The Activation of one single license should not be possible on two different computers BUT if the date interval between two installations is big enough (I would guess something over 3 months) then there is no restriction from Microsoft side and you may activate the Office without problems over internet. Just try to install it from DVD and Office will ask for the activation.

Registration of the Office is not necessary at all. Updates are available for all users and "additional benefits" are not as valuable as your personal data obviously.

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Bruce MORRISColonel (Retired)Author Commented:
Hi pcelba:
Thanks for the essential clarification (which I ought to have remembered).
Given the aggregate of the responses, I am satisfied that I ought o be successful in installing and activation my daughter's MS Office:MAC 2011 product (given the almost four-year interval from time of initial installation on the now-stolen MacBook Pro. I will close this question and award points.
Arbyem (on behalf of my daughter Melanie, a school teacher who needs her MS Office:MAC 2011 functionalities)
Thanks for the points.  You are welcome.
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