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question about website generating a coupon code- why wont it generate another code after I clear my cookies?

Hi, I go to the website on internet explorer and scroll down a bit and I click the box that says "$10 off $40 coupon" and it generates a coupon code (I will call this coupon code a) . I printed the coupon then closed the page out and re opened IE and cleared my tracking cookies and history. I rebooted the computer and then went back to on IE and then clicked the coupon again, but it generated the same coupon code as last time (coupon code a)

So I try it on firefox and then it generates a different code (coupon code b) I cleared the cookies in firefox and tyry it again, and it generates coupon code b once again.

I then try it on google chrome and used the incognito option. This time it generated coupon code C. I clear the cookies and reboot the computer. I then open chrome again and open a new incognito window and go to again but it still generates coupon code C.

Then just to try once more I went to on IE once again just to test it once more and sure enough it still generates coupon code a.

It only generates a new code when I use a different browser.So I am wondering why clearing my cookies is not generatring a new code?
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And because they don't want people abusing the coupon system any more than absolutely necessary
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thank you