Migrating Windows SBS2003 to W2012 Essentials

I stated a migration of SBS2003 to W2012 Essentials. I got the W2012 machine joined to Domain, then added the Active directory role.. unfortunately I found the the FRS was not syncing I tried repair using the D2/D4 brulflag process, but in the end I had to restore the System state on the 2003 to a week ago.

That appears to have resolved the journal wrap issue,  but now the new server is not joined to the domain (since it was not part of it at the restore time.

How should I proceed? Should I remove the AD role, then remove the domain, then rejoin domain and then add AD role back?

Just looking for some guidance so I don't have to do things multiple times to get it right.

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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Something else was wrong as the Essentials product installs (but does not configure) the AD role by default.  So the fact that you had to install the role says that there was an issue with the installation.  Also, if you are installing 2012 and not 2012 R2, you'll need to install it in migration mode or you'll have licensing issues down the road.  So I'd wipe and do a clean install.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Sorry I am installing W2012 R2
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Yes, it tried to install the AD role, but you cannot allow it to otherwise it becomes the Domain controller and there is no chance to join and migrate the existing domain. You have to do a migration install
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
2012 R2 is *very* different than 2012. And there is official migration documentation for SBS to 2012 R2.

Part of the guidance in the 2012 R2 documentation tells you when and how to cancel the wizards so that Essentials does *not* make itself a domain controller.  But if you go your own way and manually install the role (or uninstall and reinstall) you will still have licensing issues.

So my advice is still basically the same as it was above.  Do a clean install, and *follow* the guidance for R2.  And if you are doing steps outside of that guidance very early on, you've probably missed a step.

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911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
I was following this:

After step 2 I was getting errors regarding Journal wrap, and not being able to move the AD to the new machine until the Journal Wrap was resolved. (and strangely the journal wrap did not show up in the BPA that I ran on the SBS2003 prior to joining the new machine)

Is this the correct steps to migrate?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Yes, just pay attention to all the "notes" on that page. And since you are so early in the process, reinstalling 2012 R2 should not be a hindrance.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
While not said explicitly I assume that I have to join the new W2012 server to the existing domain before I can run the Active directory Domain Service Configuration Wizard... or does the Wizzard join it to the domain?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
The wizard can join an existing domain or create a new one.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Well I re-installed. This time the AD/ transferred. SYSVOL and NETLOGON got created.. Followed instructions per earlier link..

Issue I now have is that When I try to install the Windows Server Experience role it bombs.. Any ideas? For the services I do see that the Windows Server Essentials Management Services has stopped

Open Server Manager and run the Add Roles and Features wizard.

If not installed, add the Windows Server Essentials Experience role.

After you install the Windows Server Essentials Experience role, the Configure Windows Server Essentials task appears in the notification area. Click the task to launch the Configure Windows Server Essentials wizard.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Actually the Role is installed. it is the configuration that bombs.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
I did add the ServerAdmin$ user as the allow to log in as service
And it looks like it is going..100%  Completed
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Review the migration instructions. Make sure the various service accounts have been added to the proper group policies and security groups.  The post-installation Essentials wizard most often bombs when those security group changes weren't made and the security token the wizard runs under doesn't have the right permissions to make the system changes it needs to.  The necessary groups are documented in that migration documentation.
911bobCTOAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the straight answer.. It was the fastest in the end,
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