Connect Windows System To Another Via Crossover While Staying on LAN

Hey Guys -

I've got a PC at home which has a massive amount of data on it which I need to copy to another PC which has an equally large drive pool.  Instead of transferring all of the data through my consumer router, I decided to connect the two using a crossover cable as both systems have two NICs.

Both systems had a single NIC which were on my home subnet - 192.168.0.x - which were set statically.  I plugged in the crossover cable between each systems' 2nd NICs and statically set one to / 24 and the other to / 24.  I set for the default gateway.  When doing so, I get the warning message that the default gateway cannot be different, but click OK anyways.

With this configuration (no firewalls enabled), I was able to ping from, but not vice vera.  As I have an FTP server on my initial server, I added a listener in my FTP server for the NIC and using SmartFTP on .1, was able to connect to it.  I started a transfer which copied / downloaded a few small files then froze.

Obviously, something I'm doing isn't working correctly as I couldn't ping in one direction.  I tried setting the adapters to use 1Gbps Full duplex as well as Auto with similar results.

My Questions
1. How can I configure this to work using a crossover plus ensuring that at least my system (.2) stays online / connected to my LAN at the same time?  Is this even possible and if so, would they have to be on the same subnet as the other NIC?
2. Do you have a suggestion for another method other than crossover / FTP to transfer ~15tb of data between two systems where one stays up and online 100% of the time?

Both systems run Windows 8.1 x64

Thanks Guys!
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
I cannot solve your problem the way you are looking for, but I can offer this: I can connect my two machines through my fast router using Ethernet (NOT wireless) and get 800Mbits/sec transfer rate. This is a fast or very nearly as fast as crossover cable.  I have moved 150 GB of files this way with no hassle. You may wish to consider this alternative.

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Juan OcasioApplication DeveloperCommented:
Are you just trying to move data from one system to another?  If so, perhaps you should pick up a USB drive case and install the drive from the computer you want to move data from.  This way you can connect the drive directly to the computer you want to move the data to.  If this doesn't suit your fancy, then just put in the IP addresses as described and omit the default gateway.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
Firstly for a point to point connection like you are trying to set up you should NEVER give it a default gateway, it can and will break your network on those machines.  TCP/IP is quite clever! It knows that if you have a card on 10.25.25.x with a netmask of and you are trying to connect to another 10.25.25.x IP that it HAS to go out on the card/interface that is on that network.

Secondly is this in a domain environment at all or just workgroup?

You dont need "Crossover" cables unless you have a very old machine involved. Almost all modern NICs will autosense and work with any cable.
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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
both nicks must share the same gateway or remove the gateway all together
BzowKAuthor Commented:
OK - trying a couple of things...  post results shortly - thanks
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
This issue was solved here:  http:#a40815640 and here: http:#a40815822
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