E-commerce setup


One of client want  in-house  setup of windows server based  E-eCommerce site, where 50,000 concurrent users can browse the website.
So you can please suggest the following things.

1.  no. of windows servers for web
2. no. of windows server for DB
3. load balance
4. internet lease line capacity
5.  any spl. kindly of firewall requirement.

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Is this established or hoping?  What country are you in?  

Are you renting space or will you have your own data center?  


F5 Load Balancing

Are you using one gateway or two?  Some merchant account companies require an exclusivity clause - have you checked that out?  For example, 15 years ago Wal-Mart had the ability to send transactions to two different platforms

Are you Oracle or MSSQL?  

What type of application are you using?  Have you tested this with how many users?   The question is somewhat open ended because you might be integrating other things on your site which will affect how the system works.

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I'm doing a similar project right now but I don't know what are the details Corey is asking for.

One more thing I would add, what script would you be using?

Over the past three years, I have been studying such a project and I can provide you with whatever guidance you need.
sitgAuthor Commented:
right now, it is query from our the US based  client site, I already suggest them to go with cloud but  they  want to know the some estimate that how many windows server required with load balncer for handle 50K concurrent users at a time.
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Still, that's not enough info stig but anyway, here are my initial thoughts.

If you are going with the cloud and choosing windows. Go for AZURE as it expands automatically based on load, storage, database etc. For email communication and docs, office 365 can be used.

If you need the servers to be present, then I would suggest F5 load balancer as Corey said. Have one server for IIS (Could be a domain), one for database (local connection), one for exchange. If you need local DNS then separate it on different server or use the host's DNS resolvers.

for optimal performance, have a 1000 mg connection to the IIS server while the others could have a 100 mg.

If you are using a php eCommerce script on windows, you are pretty much left with Prestashop. If you want to use linux, well, that's a different story but I would suggest you go with Magento.

If you give us more in depth details about the store activities and answer Corey questions, my reply above could change significantly.

Good luck.
If you are going with Windows, then probably PHP and MySQL you might be using. But it depends on what is happening.  

Are you using a three tier application system: web layer, app layer, database layer?  

We are building a system brand new now - my partner has helped to code a transaction processor and Verizon billing.      We are building it so that it will be easy to grow.

I wished we knew if this was a startup or you are getting 50,000 customers.  Then we could see where it is lagging

But if it is being built, I would hire some great programmers  

Unfortunately, it's like telling us your are preparing dinner for a large amount of people, but you are not telling us what you want to prepare.
OK, here is a guess on the information, after some discussion.  
1. Use 2-3 local servers (with public IP) for testing and as a base, and rent the rest from Amazon so that scaling is fast during the peak shopping season.
2. Put database instances on the same servers as the website, for improved performance, especially static data.
 Use Couchbase for scaling -- NoSQL.  Hadoop is OK, too, but takes more time to set up.
 Use a reasonable amount of bandwidth for local servers - 150 Mbps asymmetric for the local servers should be sufficient.  Use Amazon for scaling beyond that.  For the load balancers, use Amazon's.
 50,000 concurrent users is not realistic.  You should expect .01% of your client base for concurrency estimates.
You might look at the A10 products as well - you are going to have to deal with threats unfortunately.

Remember, we are just guessing here since we really don't know what is being sold.  Is it one product, or are you going to have a shopping cart.  Are you going to have them download software?  

To give you an estimate for concurrent users, I know of an electronic payment gateway that would get hit about 800 - 900 transactions per second.  So that gateway is about 250,000 merchants.  

I know that when one starts a business, they have wide eyes.  You might be getting 50,000 concurrent users, but what are they doing?  Are they reading the site, or are they buying?

Still guessing here, hopefully you put this in the Network section, for what to expect to pay on things like the electronic payment gateway, $0.00.
sitgAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your great  comments, unfortunately, no answer some from our client  may be he is not  receive any answer from there client so I  need to close query,

I know you probably don't need it anymore, but a new web development partner signed up  with us the other day and he mentioned  MongoDB was the name of it I believe.  He said their was a free version and a paid version.  

Sorry I was not paying that much attention unfortunately but I saw this post and thought it might come in handy for you or someone sometime.  Good luck!!
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