external battery for cell phone (but in USA, use in Ceylon)

will this product work as such in Asia (voltage restrictions)? what other tools may be needed to make it work in lanka?

The phone is already there but no Samsung accessories are available there for S3 mini. hence planning to get from here and sending there..
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There's no reason the battery shouldn't work. Important is the charger, that it can use the plugs and voltages there. Sri Lanka probably uses 220V or 240V. Most modern chargers can automatically use input voltages of 120 - 240 Volts, put the plugs are different for the mains in many countries, so you probably need an adapter for your plug to fit into the mains there. I don't know what type of mains adapter is in use in Sri Lanka, but it will most likely be the same as is used in the UK.
The external battery needs to be charged from a USB power source.

You will also need an USB cable to charge it from a PC.

Or an international (AC 100-240V 50/60Hz) USB charger with a plug adapter for that country.

Sri Lanka (Celon) plugs are type C and type D ( type C will fit type D, Ungrounded type C being the better choice, as it is smaller having no earthing pin )
Hello 25112:
How many such cell phones will your group have, and is Sri Lanka your only destination, and will you be calling the USA from there or only Sri Lanka domestic calls?

Does the phone belong to the ones you will visit and you look for a charger for them? Or are you planning to buy a phone there? Or take your own Samsung with you?
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25112Author Commented:
thanks all.

nick, only one phone. call only domestic. phone already there.. so just taking a charger along to gift them
If the phone is already there is must be pre-ready for the 240 volts.
If so, a USB adapter can work.

Look here at the two with the "check mark."

The one on the top line labelled Russia - Europe matches with this USB cord:

If the phone was bought there it should be 240 volt ready and the USB cable from above and the wall adapter may be the fix.
If you want to buy one for yourself to use while there, here is a $109 model for Sri Lanka. It's not a Samsung but would let you call domestic as you travel around and on your way out of the country leave it with someone who can use it.
So you only need a method to charge the external battery?

It needs to be charged from a USB type power source (which can be a PC to USB connection or an AC to USB power adapter, which is the same as how the original cell phone is being charged presently.

Their present cell phone charger will also charge the external battery product (that you linked in your question)

Do you want a second additional charger?

A separate method to charge the external battery product, then please read my post:
Michael-Best2015-06-07 at 09:05:53ID: 40816432
25112Author Commented:
mike, you references are great reference. thx.. will get one of them.

>>Do you want a second additional charger?
yes, since main battery is proving less reliable.. yes, will need to replace the main battery also soon,.. but right now project is to get an additional portable charger for the phone and send it there
Was the phone bought there and is it already 110-240 volt capable?
If not you'll need a voltage converter to prevent damage to the phone.
Our US bought phone will not work in any other countries. They use SIM cards and we do not.

Where the phone was purchased is important.
25112Author Commented:
nick, it was bought in amazon and i believe sim cards what is available in local carrier there also.

yes, i will make sure they have a good voltage converter, if not already. thanks for that tip.
Normally you don't need voltage converters. As I mentioned earlier, modern or even older chargers usually are able to handle the complete range of 100V to 240V AC input automatically. If not then they are old chargers. Their input Voltage range should be printed on them. The only thing that matters is the plug which is different from country to country.

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25112Author Commented:
following the clues. thx much!
@ rindi2015-06-08 at 09:19:01ID: 4081742

 "older chargers usually are able to handle the complete range of 100V to 240V AC input automatically"

This is false information and should be retracted ... I own and use many (AC to DC adapters) chargers that do not handle 240V... they only are 100V compatible.
I have practically only chargers that automatically take 100V up to 240V. Even older chargers can do that. Only a few of my very old chargers (over a decade old) can only handle 220-240V. Particularly those that come with mobile gadgets you carry around, must be able to handle all common mains voltages. If you buy products that don't give you chargers like that you are being ripped off.
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