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Apple Photos thumbnails missing

The machine is running Yosemite and Photos.
The original database was created on Iphoto but since Photos upgrade most of my pictures are showing as a square.

I have tried to repair the database by holding command + option keys however I can't restore the images.

Can anyone advise please?

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Michael Best
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Backup of your iPhoto library before you try this:
Hold down  the option and command keys then at the same time double-click the iPhoto icon.
From the window that will pop up use the rebuild all thumbnails option.
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Rodrigo Carrilho


I am using PHOTOS not Iphoto. Your advice is for Iphoto.
"The original database was created on Iphoto"
"I am using PHOTOS not Iphoto. Your advice is for Iphoto."
The repair is similar, but the steps may differ...
iPhoto is supposed to be in your Applications folder, just the dock icon was removed and replaced with Photos.  Maybe try opening iPhoto with repair in mind?
This is supposed to be the ultimate guide to Photos
I can not reopen Iphoto or download it again. The OS X is Yosemite, please advise otherwise.
Photos appeared in OSX Yosemite update 10.10.3   if the update was applied to 10.10.2 - people have reported that iPhoto is still in the Applications Folder. Not true?
Are you sure that your choice of setup in Photos deleted your iPhoto Library?
The process is illustrated here...
iPhoto may have been automatically moved to the trash, at least it did in mine.  If you haven't emptied your trash yet, look for it and put it back.
iPhoto is not in the Trash. This was a fresh install of Yosemite.

I have copied iPhoto from an older backup copy of Application Folder, however it won't open on Yosemite.

Is there any third party software to fix the PHOTOS thumbnails problem?

Thanks for all comments.

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