How To Read File Path In Oracle

i have oracle form 6i
i want to lookup in a specific directory if a file found or not ( any file , such xls . jpg , txt , mdb ,, etc
what is the suitable code for it ?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
The code you had in your other question:

Shou0ld work.  You just need to work with your DBA to properly set UTL_FILE_DIR or a better solution depending on your Oracle Database Version is to use Oracle Directories:
NiceMan331Author Commented:
all my problems is i don't have good touch with our DBA
if any thing i can do myself on my cleint is ok
on the server , they are not happy to take an advice from any other persons
NiceMan331Author Commented:
but any how , i would like to understand it
what is the meaning of create directory ?
it says in the document :
A directory object specifies an alias for a directory on the server file
is it means , if i have a file path on my operation system for example :
the create directory , what for example will make it ?
and , should create directory for all paths on operation systems ?
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
The Oracle Directory is a point to an Operating System folder.  It is more secure than the old UTL_FILE_DIR spfile/spfile parameter.

There is an example in the doc link I posted.  There are also examples in the docs for using UTL_FILE and Oracle Directory objects.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
"A directory object specifies an alias for a directory on the server file [system]."

Note that this directory is on the SERVER's file system, and NOT on your local PC's hard drive.  If your database server runs a version of Windows server software, then it may have a directory like: "c:\document".  But no, you cannot use either a logical directory (that can be created with a "create directory..." command) or a physical directory (that must be specified in the UTL_FILE_DIR initialization parameter for the database) for a file on your local PC.

Oracle Forms6 includes a supplied PL\SQL package named: text_io that *CAN* use local files on your PC, but only *IF* you are running Forms6 in client/server mode.

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NiceMan331Author Commented:
Markger , I'm using oracle forms 6i , but I'm a cleint , connecting another server database , also I already installed oracle 11 g on my PC , but my work is on the database on a server , and I need to look for a file if found on my PC or not ( which is images stored in my PC )
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