Cannot create bootable Win 8 usb using boot camp in OSX Yosemite

I have created tons of usb bootable drives in the past. This time I am trying to dual boot my new macbook air using boot camp assistant.

When i my pc to create the bootable usb flash drive, I receive a message on the mac stating that the drive cant be read because its not FAT. Which makes sense because windows uses ntfs or fat32 in some cases.

Ive also used disk utility to erase/format the usb drive usint fat/ms-dos and created a single partition as well as left it blank.

Ive tried plenty of different methods and in all methods when I try to create a bootable usb disk using boot camp it stays stuck half way through the copying windows files... stage

i've let it finished which took about 4 hours. At the end if says it couldn't create the disk. I forgot the exact message. I am running this for the 100th time and will provide the exact message.

It seems like i am doing something wrong. Can anyone please advise if you have experience this issue trying to make the bootable usb win 8 iso?

thanks in advance
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tobe1424Author Commented:
i tried using a bootable usb drive formated with fat32 from a windows pc

when i try to install win 8 using boot camp i receive a message stating:

the usb drive can not be used. please format the usb drive as single fat partition
There is a long discussion of it here:

There are several suggestions, including formatting the USB drive as FAT32, putting the ISO file on your hard drive and making sure it is unmounted before trying to copy it.
tobe1424Author Commented:
I made sure it was unmounted by checking disk utility. Removed all traces of the ISO (unmount/remove)
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>>  when I try to create a bootable usb disk using boot camp it stays stuck half way through the copying windows files  <<  can it be either the USB device, or the media you copy from are bad?
try making a copy of the media on another PC, and try with another USB stick, or test it by copying to it, and filling it up -  then format it to empty it
tobe1424Author Commented:
Yes, i have used the media to copy to usb from my pc. but when i bring it back to the mac, its not recognized by boot camp assistant.

when i select "install windows 8 or later version" and continue, it tells me the usb is not recognized. I assume because its fat32 or nfts and not fat.

in any case, for some odd reason I cant make the usb bootable through the mac nor can i read the bootable usb created from another computer - which i know works because i booted the same pc using the same usb
When you insert the USB drive, does it mount on the Mac desktop. If so, right-click on it and select GetInfo to find out how it is formatted. You can also check by opening Disk Utility.
tobe1424Author Commented:
A Mac should not have problems with FAT32.
Boot Camp Assistant should have formatted the USB drive for you.  Are you using Boot Camp Assistant to create the bootable USB stick?  It should have done everything quite quickly.

What is the size of the USB drive?
Have you tried a different USB drive?  Maybe there's something wrong (corruption?) with the one you're currently using.  It shouldn't take 4 hours, so there's most likely some problem with it.

My 2-3 year old stick takes ~7 minutes.  When I accidentally stuck in an older, slower, pre-HiSpeed USB stick it took upwards of 30 minutes.  Even older sticks didn't reach this size.
tobe1424Author Commented:
its a 16gb pny usb stick 2.0

i am totally confused...I wonder if I can just reboot my mac and start instaling windows instead of staging the process via boot camp assistant
can you test the usb stick on another pc?
maybe it's bad, as suggested

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tobe1424Author Commented:
Works fine on the same pc I create the ISO from.
you said >>   nor can i read the bootable usb  << then it does not seem fine to me
how are you trying to read it fromt hat other pc eg, explorer?  is that also a mac, or windows ?
If you have it installed as a bootable, Windows 8 installer USB image, then try booting from it.  Be sure that you've already partitioned the Mac Disk so that you can format it during the install.  It doesn't matter what format you make it.  I've found that I always have to format the Boot Camp partition with the installer to install Windows 7, 8 & 10.  Hold down the Option/alt key during boot, then select the USB.
tobe1424Author Commented:
i apologize for the comment "nor..." i can read it perfectly from any other PC.

how funny...i can boot straight to it...i should have thought about this one earlier ::facepalm::

however, its just weird that boot camp assistant renders it useless

This seems like a bit of an inconvenience for someone who isn't computer savy
seems strange, agreed
tobe1424Author Commented:
silly...ended up been an issue with the USB flash drive. Everything worked like a charm with a patriot drive instead of the pny
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