MS ACCESS “Disk or Network error”

The problem is, an MS ACCESS Transaction DB “Trans.mdb” on “PC-A” updates the tables on “Master.mdb” over the LAN on “Server-A” “Share-A”. A “Disk or Network error” message is received. If I take “Trans.mdb” and copy it to “PC-B” it successfully updates “Trans.mdb” over the LAN with the same network and userid signon, on “Server-A” “Share-A”.  Some user’s using the same MS ACCESS process do not experience any problems.

I also observe that certain PC’s have huge download times over the LAN “Server-A” “Share-A”, even thought I can download the same file on other server is relative short times.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Will!
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

  "Disk or network"  error simply means that JET lost a connection to the database.

 Sounds simple enough, but this can be exceedingly difficult to track down.  Anything that causes a network interruption (bad connector, cable, port, NIC driver, etc) can cause this as well as network connection.

 Then there are things in software as well, like NIC drivers that include diagnostic or power features that cause the NIC to disconnect momentarily, then re-connect.

 There's also things like the inactivity timeout built into windows, which will disconnect shared drives after a certain period.

 Access due to it's nature will complain about network problems far sooner than other apps.    So a couple of fast things:

1. Look at the networK interface card (NIC) on the machines and disable any diagnostic or power features.

2. Try a continuous ping for a period of time from one of the problem stations to the "server" and see if you can see any packet loss.   From a command line:

  Ping <ip> -t

 let it run for about five minutes, then do a control/c.    You should see times of less than 10 ms and zero packet loss.

3. check all connectors and patch cables.

4. Look for patterns; always certain stations, time of day, operation performed, etc.

Will_NYCAnalystAuthor Commented:

I tried the ping <ip> -t . The PC that I try to copy and paste a file from the server has a faster average 15ms speed, but times out when trying to paste the file.

This is still unresolved and I am very disappointed with the site.


John TsioumprisSoftware & Systems EngineerCommented:
this abnormal behavior usually is not related to Access...
I would swap NIC/cables/check the switch for dropped packages
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Will_NYCAnalystAuthor Commented:
I finally convinced Verizon after 2 months that there was a problem with their switching hub and after they replaced some hardware the problem was resolved.

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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
<<they replaced some hardware the problem was resolved.>>

 Very good!

Will_NYCAnalystAuthor Commented:
I am grading myself
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