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Windows Server 2012 Domain error

We installed a new Windows Server 2012 to replace an existing Windows 2008 Server.  We attached the Windows 2012 to the network and then ran the command to transfer the FSMO roles over to the new server, there were no error messages and the 2012 server became the new domain controller.

We turn off the old server and remove it.  We go into active directory for users and computers and received the following message that is attached. "Naming Information cannot be located"

We then ran commands to seize the FSMO and AD following the steps listed here:

We received errors that the started with "the role owner attribute cannot be read"
The issue still persists being able to access any active directory tools.  The users can still log in and everything runs.

We are at a lost, any suggestions to get this corrected is appreciated.  

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what does that 2012 server have for dns?
understood it used the 2008 server when you first built it but once you turn it off, it should point to itself for dns
if you previously transferred the fsmo roles, no reason to attempt a seize if they are already there
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Just have a look into the below link. It might help you.

But again, you have to check the AD & DNS of your new DC. Make sure that you check as suggested by Seth.

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The server is pointing to the proper DNS which is itself.  I ran the dcdiag and it does seem to indicate unable to login to netvol or connect to it, please see the screen shot.  Would you run the steps in the microsoft article or the exchange online first
Also did a netter and neither the sysvol or netlogon show up
I meant did a netshare and neither sysvol or netlogon show up
Changed the sysvolready regedit setting and now sysvol is up and can run the active directory tools, how do i get netlogon to show?

Thanks much
As I mention before perform authorative and non authorative restore of sysvol. On healthy DC windows server i.e perform authorative restore (d4) and on windows server 2012 run non authoratived(d2) of sysvol. This will fix the issue.
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