difference between all computers group and unassigned groups in WSUS

Ashar Kallumpurathu
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i Want difference between all computers and unassigned groups in WSUS with examples
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The "unassigned" group shows you any computers reporting to WSUS that are not part of any other groups.

Say you have a group called "workstations", and another called "servers" - and you have "host a", "host b" and "host c". "host a" is assigned to "workstations", "host b" is assigned to "servers" and "host c" not assigned to either. "host c" would then appear in the unassigned group, while all 3 hosts would appear in "all computers". "host a" and "host b" are assigned, thus they would appear in the groups they are assigned to, as well as "all computers", but obviously not "unassigned".

I hope that helps a bit?


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using the above analogy you can approve an update for clients-test and after you've done your testing approve the update for clients-production

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