Changing Platforms in vs2013

I have a website that was set to platform 'Any CPU'  I added the x64 to the top but in the gird in will not change to x64.  How can I get this project to build as x64.  I am using VS2013

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Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi mgmhicks;

In Visual Studio select from the main menu Build -> Configuration Manager... In the Configuration dialog box open the Active Solution Platform and select x64. If x64 is not available then click on <New...> and a New Solution Platform dialog box comes up. In the drop down box Type or select the new platform and make it x64, and click on OK. Make sure x64 is selected in the Configuration Manager dialog box and then click on Close button.
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
when I add it it doesn't change it under the platform.  Please see picture.   When I quit and come back in its gone.

Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi mgmhicks;

That is most likely do to the checkbox in the New dialog box not being checked as shown in the following image.

Checkbox needs to be check to create a new platform
In order to add the x64 now you will need to remove the one that is there now. Start off the same as before but this time select edit and then select the remove button, then click OK. Now follow the same procedure as before by selecting new and making sure the checkbox is checked and all should be well.
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mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
you are probably correct, but my create new project platforms isn't enable for me to check.  Any ideas to get it enabled.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Did you remove the old def as I stated first. Are you working on a 64 bit machine?
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
OK I needed to look up some things. The way things work now with building 64 Bit apps. The Microsoft Application will run as Follows, By default, when you use the .NET Framework to build an application on either a 32-bit or a 64-bit computer, the application will run on a 64-bit computer as a native application (that is, not under WOW64). But some things need to be checked. On each of the project/s property pages make sure that Prefer-32-bit is NOT checked. Tis can be found on the Build tab of the Projects Property Page. On the Configuration Manager set Platform to AnyCPU. Then build.

There is a program called CorFlags.exe which can be found in the Windows SDK, on my system it was located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.1A\bin\NETFX 4.5.1 Tools, you may have multiple of them so v8.1A is the Windows version and 4.5.1 is the .Net version. If you take a copy of it and paste it into the directory where the executable is and then open a command prompt and run that program and supply the name of your application it will tell you what you program will run as. When I ran it I got the following for a 64-bit

Version   : v4.0.30319
CLR Header: 2.5
PE        : PE32
CorFlags  : 0x1
ILONLY    : 1
32BITREQ  : 0
Signed    : 0

if any of these two has a 1 on the line 32BITREQ  : 0, or 32BITPREF : 0, it will run under 32-bit from my understanding of it.

The documentation for CorFlags.exe (CorFlags Conversion Tool)
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:

Let's start from the beginning to make things a little more clear. Maybe I don't even need to switch the platform.

I have upgraded my Web Server (application) from Windows 2008 Enterprise x86, IIS 7 and .Net 3.5 to Windows 2012 R2 x64 and IIS 8 .Net 4.5 (even though I have .Net 3.5 installed I don't see any way of switching my application to it).

I have installed the same exact Crystal Runtimes that I had on the old server. But for some reason I was getting the following error:

Crystal Error
So I googled this error and gathered that the top answer was, Oh just compile your project as an x86 and you will be fine.
(Which is why I had my initial question for you)

And the second top answer was just install the same Crystal Runtime but the x64 version
(which I can't find - Crystal Runtime 2008 SP3 Version 12.3.3812 x64 )

So, that sums it up in a nutshell if that helps out any.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
If you did not install the same version of Crystal Report that you developed the application on you most likely will have issues. Did you install the same Crystal Report that you used when developing the application with?
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
yes, we I did install the same version and even tried to update to a new reportviewer, cause that's what happening now that updated, the viewer just doesn't show.    I get no errors in code, when I tie the datasource to the viewer.
mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
I am still working on this.  I have now updated my app using VS2013 rather than 2008, and now am trying to get the crystal.descesions.engine dll's loaded into the project for the new version of Crystal.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
This is a different question then the original question. Please if you have other question open a new question for it, thanks.

As for your most recent post please have a look at these web pages Crystal Report seem to be sensitive to the version of the OS.

SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio: Updates & Runtime Downloads

SAP Crystal Reports, developer version for Microsoft Visual Studio - Service Pack 7 - Fixed Issues

Please make sure you have the right version of CR and OS

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mgmhicksAuthor Commented:
Thank  you for your help.  If I run into different problem on the upgrade route, I will resubmit.
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