DOM parser example


I am using DOM parser to print simple XML file

Eclipse thowing error at below line. How can i fix it. Please advise

 if (node instanceof Element && node.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase("name")) {
    // a child element to process
    Element child = (Element) node;

error says
Multiple markers at this line
      - Syntax error on token ";", delete
       this token
      - amp cannot be resolved to a
      - amp cannot be resolved
      - Syntax error on token ";", .

My XML looks like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <name type="first">Paula</name>
Please advise
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this is Java, not an XHTML embedded Javascript, right?
Then you don't need to escape the & character.
Replace the faulted string with:
 if (node instanceof Element && node.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase("name")) {

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gudii9Author Commented:
Yes java, let me try
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gudii9Author Commented:
what is difference between these two lines. It worked with  &&

  //if (node instanceof Element &amp;&amp; node.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase("name")) {
   if (node instanceof Element && node.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase("name")) {

please advise
what is difference between these two lines. It worked with  &&

&amp; makes no sense in Java - that's why. It's an html/xml escaped form of what does work
in XML the characters "<", ">" and "&" are used in the mark up and have to be escaped in the form &entity_name;
So, if you write a JavaScript code inside a XHTML web page (without using the CDATA section) you have to escape those characters.
Another case, if you took your source sample from anywhere which previously was an XHTML page, the escaping might accidentally penetrate to the code text. This could happen because of a bug in the site and/or the browser. You need just get rid of that escaping or find   a more reliable way (such as zip archive, git, svn, etc) to download the source code than the web page's text.

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gudii9Author Commented:
if you write a JavaScript code inside a XHTML web page (without using the CDATA section)

i have no idea what is CDATA. Probably i will open new question by closing this
If your are coding an XML parsing , I'd recommend you to get familiar with all XML node types, and the CDATA as well.
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