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Need Help Modifing a PowerShell Script

Greeting Experts,
I hope somebody out there can give me and hand with this script. Currently the script below works as is with no problem.  It creates 5 different .csv files for each of its assigned processes…. What I need to do know is combine all 5 of the .csv files in to one… but I not for sure on how to do that. Can somebody give me hand in this step…..? I just not sure how to combine them together….

Push-location $env:temp
Get-Process | Export-Csv "c:\PSscripts\Processes.csv"
Get-Service | ? {$_.status -eq "running"} | Export-Csv "c:\PSscripts\ActiveServices.csv"
Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_operatingsystem | Select -Property * | Export-Csv "c:\PSscripts\OSInfo.csv" 
"", "", "", "" | % {  pathping -n -p 10 $_} | Out-File "c:\PSscripts\InternalPing.csv"
"", "", "", "" | % {  pathping -n -p 10 $_}  | Out-File "c:\PSscripts\ExternalPing.csv"

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OK.... Is there away to covert the the script so I am able to use the data in a .csv file
No, for the reasons I stated above.
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well... I gess the .txt format will do... thanks for your help