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Crystal Reports - Change Group to Group by Formula


I had a report that was grouping on a task code (ex.- LABOR, REVENUE, FRINGE, etc.). I modified that field (but only in the details) so that if the task code was LABOR, it would read another field and append nothing, " - OT" or " - PREM" depending on that field's value. That worked like a champ.

Now I need to group by the formula so that it will total for all 3 of those possibilities, as well as the others that I did not mess with.

When I change the group to group by the formula, I get an error: Group footer not available for total break. Total break request ignored.

The group footer is no longer showing, so I had to revert back.

Can anyone point out what I should do to do this correctly?
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Mike McCracken

Try adding a second group.

Group by the main field (no name change)
Group by a formula that changes the name for that group only and leaves the other the same
  You can suppress the group header and footer for the second group when you don't need it

If mlmcc's suggestion doesn't work, what version of CR are you using?  The error, and removal of a group footer, sound odd to me, but maybe you're just using a newer (or older) version that I'm not familiar with.

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mlmcc - Can you outline how that's done a little bit? I'm still relatively new to Crystal.

James- It's Crystal 2008.
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Worked like a champ!