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I have a publication for replication setup on our back-end that publishes a replicated db to our web database subscription.  I inadvertantly deleted the replicated web database before I removed the actual replication publication on our back-end and now receive the following errors from the log reader every minute.  I am not prepared to start a new publication at this point - is it possible to stop the errors from continuing?  Below is the error we receive.  I am not as concerned about the emails we get but more about these logged errors might fill up somewhere.

DESCRIPTION: Replication-Replication Transaction-Log Reader Subsystem: agent IBGECDB1-ECOMTEST-28 failed. The process could not execute 'sp_repldone/sp_replcounters' on 'IBGECDB1'.
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Is the publication pointing to only one subscriber?

If you just want to stop the error , you can stop and disable the log reader agent job name followed by "IBGECDB1-ECOMTEST-28". You can find this job in sql server agent job.

Or you can drop the publication completely if it is not required.

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