Calculate number of 'pages' in table


I have an HTML page that includes a table that's populated using a script that Rainer Jeschor created for me (it basically takes the total number of rows in a CSV file and divides by 10, then displays a table on the page, 10 items at a time, and scrolls to a new 'page' every 10 seconds (and continues to loop through the table).  

It works great -- the table is populated, and scrolls through each 'row' of data in the text file, but I've noticed one issue -- if there are exactly 10 rows of data to be displayed, an extra 'blank page' is displayed -- so, instead of displaying just the 10 rows, it displays the 10 rows, then displays a 'blank page' for 10 seconds (in a loop).  

If there are over 10 rows, it works fine -- if there are 9 or less items, it works fine...  But if there are exactly 10 rows, it adds an extra 'blank page'.  

I've tried modifying items under "calculate max paging number" to try to fix this -- but haven't been able to resolve the issue.  

I'm thinking there's something in 'calculate max paging number' that can be modified to eliminate the 'extra page' if there's exactly 10 rows to display...  

Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you,


			// Global variables
			var listOfMeetings = [];
			var pagePageSize = 1;
			var currentIndex = 0;
			var tableTimer = null;

			$(function(){ // Call when html is done loading
				$.ajax({ //Your url will be filename.csv or folder/filename.csv
					method: "get",
					url: "meetingtable.csv"
				.done(function( data ) {
					var today = moment().format("YYYY-MM-DD");
					var lines = data.split("\r\n"); // split on line break
					$.each(lines,function(i){     // loop through each line
						var rowdata = lines[i].split(",");    // assign the row a variable and build array
							Name: rowdata[0],
							StartDT: moment(moment(today + " " + rowdata[1],"YYYY-MM-DD H:mm")),
							EndDT: moment(moment(today + " " + rowdata[2],"YYYY-MM-DD H:mm"))
					tableTimer = setInterval(function () {RebuildTable();}, 10000);
			function RebuildTable() {
				// Hide the table
				// Container getting remaining meetings
				var currentListOfMeetings = [];
				// Verify each entry
				$.each(listOfMeetings,function(index, element) {
					if (moment(element.EndDT) >= moment()) {
				// Calculate max paging number
				pageSize = Math.floor(currentListOfMeetings.length/10) + 1;
				if(pageSize == 1 || pageSize <= (currentIndex + 1)) {
					currentIndex = 0;
				} else {
					currentIndex += 1;
				// Reset tbody content
				// Rebuild rows
				$.each(currentListOfMeetings.slice(currentIndex*10,(currentIndex*10)+10),function(index, element) {
				// Show the table

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Hans LangerCommented:
Try this to calculate your total pages:

pageSize =  Math.floor(currentListOfMeetings.length/10) + ( (currentListOfMeetings.length%10==0)?0:1 );

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damoncf1234Author Commented:

Excellent - that works perfectly.  

Thank you,
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