4G Wireless backup to MPLS network

We are asked to provide 4G Wireless buckup to MPLS network, please share if you have such an implementation already deployed. I am hearing that that some providers work with keepalives and they need to be brought down every 5 mins, to relieve the cell towers, meaning if we are running BGP over it there will be downtime of 15 mins (3 trials) before the circuit is reconnected. Let me know if it is always the case.
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Craig BeckCommented:
I've deployed routers with 3G and 4G backups which have been tested extensively over periods of days and never seen disconnects every 5 minutes (or longer regular intervals).
totaramAuthor Commented:
who is your provider, if you don't mind?
Craig BeckCommented:
I've used all of the primary UK 4G providers.  I work for an integrator, so I usually have to use whichever provider the customer wants to use.
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totaramAuthor Commented:
Yes.. UK providers are better when it comes to 4G. Out here in US, Verizon is the biggest provider and they go over CDMA/RTT technology, not sure if it is the technology limitation. Can you please elaborate the setup you guys have? Do you run it over special HW that tunes to air signal etc? Also, does the Backup connect to main data center via an IPSEC tunnel over internet? Appreciate if you can shine some light on it.
totaramAuthor Commented:
Hi all;
Any help?
Some 3G or 4G devices will disconnect if there is no "interesting" traffic for a set period of time.  Interesting traffic is usually something other than ICMP or ARP broadcasts that indicate the connection is actively being used.  Your 4G vendor should be able to verify the timeout / keep alive settings.  This is not a major issue with the newer 4G devices, the older 3G had timeout settings to reduce unnecessary traffic on cell towers with limited bandwidth.
totaramAuthor Commented:
Thanks eeRoot, your assessment makes sense.
What type of CPE should we use for the 4G sites, it probably would be a cisco router w/ extra cards for 4G, right?? Any dedcaited equipment from the 4G provider???

The CPE is usually provided by the vendor.  They have different models, depending on if you want indoor or outdoor mounting, fixed or external antenna, rated for industrial environments, etc.  If your 4G vendor does not have a suitable model and will let you pick your own, you can look at Cisco, Huawei, Motorola, etc.  You can get a 4G add on card if your existing router has an available module slot and the manufacturer has support for a 4G add on.  Or get a separate 4G access point that your site's existing router can uplink to if it has an available uplink port.

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totaramAuthor Commented:
Can you please shine some light on the 4G wireless card that would fit in any cisco router?
There is no 4G card that will fit ANY router.  Cisco, and other manufacturers, have a line of routers with either slots for 4G add on cards, or built in 4G.

For Example --> http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/routers/819-integrated-services-router-isr/data_sheet_c78-678459.html
totaramAuthor Commented:
Thanks for sharing that valuable information.. I guess one could use it w/ MPLS networks, now that it supports QoS and every other nifty feature?
totaramAuthor Commented:
Would you know of any App that would find the signal strength and singal to noise ratio at the datacenter for Verizon wireless? Please let us know any other factors that we may consider for teh site survey.

To test the Verizon 4G coverage, you would need a phone from Verizon.  Then you can use an app such as "Interference Analyzer"
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