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javascript or jquery to append variable to all urls on page


I need to append a variable to all the <a href> urls on my site if the user is logged in.

If users are logged in, there is a cookie set.  So right now:

1)  I check for the cookie
2) check to see if the variable is already set (so I don't get a redirect loop)
3) Now I need to append "?cache=n" to every url in a href.

It looks like this is possible, I found an example code at  that does something similar, but not exactly, to what I want.

Here's what I've got so far (steps 1 and 2, but they might need some attention too):

if( document.cookie.indexOf('cachen') >= 0) {
      var cachevar;
       var cachevar =;
if(! cachevar){       

//now add something to append "?cache=n" to all the urls on the page


I can use javascript or jquery (version 1.8.1 is loaded on the site), but I am not real familiar with either.  Can you show me how to do this?


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Works great - thank you!

If you don't mind and have a moment, I have a follow up question to this one...'if'-to-avoid-altering-hrefs-that-include.html