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We are using different Server-Versions at different customers. Mostly Server 2008 R2, SBS 2011 and Server 2013.
Some of them are using Exchange and all of the customers want to backup their files (or Databases).
Does anybody knows any software to use? We already tried NovaStor which failed almost every time and the configuration is very awful.
We also use Altaro for backing up HyperV-Machines which works very well, but Altaro doesn't backup standalone server.

So. Anyone here with a good idea?

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Symantec BESR or Shadow Protect? Also Acronis does file and database level backups.
Muhammad MullaSystems Administrator
I would suggest CommVault as a reliable backup solution. A complex product, but very good. I would be worth giving Netbackup a try too.
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information Technology
We are a NetBackup shop and it works great.  CommVault and BackupExec are also good solutions.  Keep in mind that NetBackup is an Enterprise level software and is not cheap.  If cost is an issue then look at BackupExec.
Yeah as experts said... there are lot of backup solutions parallelly now  backup trends are  changing to store on hard disk with a retention period.... on NLSAS HDD storages...

as well bit cheaper means backup exec... compare to Symantec net backup (it's an amazing product by the way)

I like Symantec as it's having excellent support team...

all the best
HP Data Protector is another option.  Still provides enterprise functionality, but much less expensive than Netbackup.  Data Protector is pretty easy to configure.  In addition, if you are managing all these backups, you can do it from a single "Cell Manager" instance, with each site's backups going to local targets (or, to a central backup target at your data center.  Supports Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, Linux, etc.

In addition, if you are acting as a service provider, you can back up to disk at the local site, and replicate to your data center deduplicated data (i.e., only the changes and new data) for WAN-efficient transfers.
Here is the list of some good Exchange backup & recovery software. Have a look-


Thank you for the different types of backups solutions. We will try some of them asap.


Thanks so far

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