Cpanel phpMyadmin increase the upload size?

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I am using a CentOS server with Cpanel and trying to upload via phpMyadmin.

Is there a way to increase the file size that phpMyadmin will allow? The SQL file I'm trying to import is about 800MB

Is there a file which can be edited in the CPanel installation? At the moment it keeps timing out.  Thank you!
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Hello Sussedit,

For this you need WHM panel assess or php.ini file access.

While doing Google I found this solution:

I hope if you have CentOS then you might have WHM access also.

Also you can ask about it to your hosting company, they can also help you to increase the file size limit.

Hope that helped

Best Regards
Senior Software Engineer

By increasing the following variables in php.ini, you can solve this problem,

upload_max_filesize =
post_max_size =
If you are talking about the phpMyAdmin that is bundled with cPanel, the only way to bypass it's upload maximum would be to have access to WHM, and manually increase the Max Upload Size in Advanced Configuration.

The alternative, would be if you go to the Remote Access section where you found the phpMyAdmin icon in cPanel, you can add your IP address, and then use a 3rd party tool (I prefer Navicat ), and then use that to `Import` your large SQL file.

The best option, would be to shell into the box, and upload (SCP / FTP / etc) the SQL file to the box, then use the following command to import:

mysql -u <username> -p <mypassword> <mydatabase>/path/to/large/sqlfile.sql

Replace the bolded segments with the appropriate information.

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