Oracle SQL help : formatting/parsing a 4 digit time (field is varchar)

Hi EE,

formatting a string that contains:  hhmm   for ex: 1700

Am looking to format military time:
     1)  to regular time.  If hh greater than 12, subtract  12
     2)  append AM/PM

Have to do this as part of a large SELECT SQL statement, to feed into another vendor's reporting tool.

Th SQL below works, BUT I want to wrap it with another CASE that it should only do this CASE if the field IS NOT NULL, other wise for NULL fields, IT SHOWS ': AM'

When I encase into another case that tests for NULL am getting a syntax error.

I commented out the outside CASE and it works.

If you uncomment it, get an error:  "missing keyword"


                   TO_NUMBER(substr(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,1,2)) - 12 || ':' ||
                             substr(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,3,2) || ' PM'
                   TO_NUMBER(substr(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,1,2))|| ':' ||
                             substr(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,3,2) || ' AM'
from odsmgr.meeting_time

  screen shot
tx for your help, sandra
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slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
No need for a lot of code.

Try this:
select to_char(to_date('1700','HH24MI'),'HHMI AM') from dual;

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mytfeinAuthor Commented:
Hi Slightwv,


thx for replying...

It worked and took care of not formatting the nulls

I added the comma to the date

I understand what you did.... first convert to a date and then to a format

thx so much, sandra

select to_char(to_date(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,'HH24MI'),'HH:MI AM') from odsmgr.meeting_time
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Glad to help!
mytfeinAuthor Commented:
Dear Public,

I ended up concatenating the beg time, a hyphen, end time into one field like this

09:00 AM -   03:00 PM

Bec we are using a new report writer, and if I draw a hyphen label on the report then for a null beg time, the report writer would just show the hyphen.

In other words if i place 3 objects on the report:

  calc_begTime    -  (hyphen)         calc_EndTime

The hyphen is drawn as a label, so for null fields the report is showing just the hyphen.

So easier to control in the sql, and modified the to concatenate everything like this:

       to_char(to_date(MEETING_TIME.BEGIN_TIME,'HH24MI'),'HH:MI AM') || ' - ' ||
       to_char(to_date(MEETING_TIME.END_TIME,'HH24MI'),'HH:MI AM')    
        AS Calc_MeetTime
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