My OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and i have just started using emclient ver 6.0.22344.0.  My email is msn, the free version.  eMclient brought in successfully all my emails from the msn account, and I am getting nervous as the total count is about 10,000 emails.  I am wondering if the software will collapse due to the sheer weight of these emails, although I have been deleting those I will never be referring to,like junk email.  But it looks like over the years it has built up.
My question is, before disaster strikes, can i save part of the emails dating earlier than 1.1.15 to the HD.  If Yes would I be able to retrieve any of the emails when I need to refer to any of them?
OR, just what is the best practices followed by the Experts and Gurus for such a situation.
Thank u.
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Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
The best practice is NOT to use emclient and install Windows Live Mail.

I have installed and used the free emclient for my free hotmail (i.e. the free msn account) for a period of three months and on one day last month, there is a SQL error on every startup of emclient, emclient tried to fix the error but it comes out that the SQL database for the local email store is corrupted. Tried to remove and re-install emclient, load the backup for the local email store and all efforts were in vain.

Of course, I can try it in another computer but my feeling and experience towards emclient is no good as it crashes from time to time and after every crash, it will spend ten to twenty minutes to fix the SQL database itself and you cannot skip the fix as emclient relies on the SQL database to run.

There are many choices for you. Officially, you can download Windows Live Mail from MS or Thundrbird from Mozilla.

If money is not a problem, MS Outlook 2010 with Outlook connector is a good choice.

For your question of "before disaster strikes, can i save part of the emails dating earlier than 1.1.15 to the HD.  If Yes would I be able to retrieve any of the emails when I need to refer to any of them?", the answer is NOT to risk your emails as the SQL database of emclient is not stable and if the database cannot be fixed, all of your downloaded emails will be forever lost.

If email archive is very important for you, it is better to use Outlook 2010 to do the job.

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jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
in response to Jackie Man, I have been a long time user of Outlook, and even now 2013, which failed to download all the emails, and the tech support says that my version of Office 365 for Home is not the solution, because in view of the size of the number of the emails, the Business edition would work.  Do u have any inputs on this?
Thus, at the moment I am using both the eMclient and also the web based application, i.e. thru outlook.com .
Do u know of any third party Add Ons that could dowload my emails from emclient and save them onto the HD so that i can read them offline.  Thank u for your invaluable insights to eMclient.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u for your suggestions.
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