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Hi guys,

We are going to be inheriting a clients network from them as their IT guy is resigning. They added us to put together a network inventory spreadsheet we can send over to have him fill in. Is there a template out there someone can share with me?
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Run network inventory like with openvas and ask him to explain where it is not clear...
it is easier for both sides.
Cobra25Author Commented:
I need a document please.
Save text file from openvas and rename to .doc
You can use arping alternatively, but more comments from quitter needed then.
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Cobra25Author Commented:
I am not at the site nor do I have access to run this tool your mentioning. I need a template as i said
arping would generate
IP and MAC pairs
And your quitter just needs to add wth is this device (so that you dont call him in a week)
Check that passwords work, change them, shake hands and part your ways.

I think you are year too late to start ITIL or to enter digital inventory into normal accounting system for assets.
Cobra25Author Commented:
I dont have access to the network so i cant do an arp or ping there.
Ask quitter to do it. When you come to office tomorrow check if you find same network in place.
Cobra25Author Commented:
Gheist, you are not being helpful. Sorry but can you please not respond.
I am a low level manager with quite a lot of technical skill. I understand your concern, but you also need to understand quitters motivation (or lack thereof) on last days.
I propose to easily create network map and let him add his comments - thats easy to do and involves healthy dose of sense of achievement to compensate for lack of motivation.
If you tell to do full ITIL service catalog (that company never cared of) within last 5 working days most likely you will get just something between nothing and next to nothing.
You can spend after a day or two drafting service catalog out of his map (or do together if time allows)
2.1 automatic 2.2 together
Cobra25Author Commented:
I understand but i am looking for a pre-populated sheet. He will be cooperative and provide all information.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Every network is unique there is no one-size fits all document. in a properly run company there should be a record or a usb key in the company safe that holds all of the passwords and accounts required for administration of the network. There should also be a cable plan, and a network plan..

What should be and what is widely differ. If the person you are replacing is retiring or moving onto greener pastures you will probably get a lot of cooperation. If the separation is involuntary then don't expect much cooperation.  and you will have to stumble on blindly and learn in a break fix fashion.  

We found the voip control computer the hard way when the ups died .. was under an office managers desk.
Yes, prepoluate sheet from network inventory. What do you expect? That we make that one up for you?
Kamran ArshadIT AssociateCommented:

A template can be made in excel sheet with below columns;

Serial No, Category, Sub-Category, Description, Serial No, Current User, Current Location, Purchase Year, Warranty, Useful Life

an example entry could be;

0001,EQP,Laptop,Dell Latitude, SC31223, Mr.X, Office, 2012, Expired, 4 Years

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