Exchange Server CAL's and Windows Server CAL's Licenses

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How Many CAL's Licenses I need if I have 100 MailBoxes in my  Exchange Server 2010  is running in Windows server 2008 R2

100 Exchange Licenses and 100 Windows server Licenses?
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Microsoft does not license by the mailbox or the connection.  They license by the device or the human being (not user account).  Whether you use device CALs or user CALs or some combination depends on your environment.  MOST environments would find user CALs to be the better option.  Given that, every human being who needs to access the servers needs a Server User CAL and an Exchange CAL.

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I agree with Lee and it all depends on how you use it.  If you have 100 individuals access Exchange from multiple devices then go with user CAL.  If you are a manufacturing environment running 3 shifts where 300 individuals over a 24 hour period access 100 mailboxes from 40 computers then in this case it would be advantageous to buy 40 Windows Server 2008 device cals and ditto for Exchange.

It depends on how users will access their mailbox. If your users have access to their mailbox with more than one device  (pc, mobilephone, laptop) then cheaper are buy 100 users exchange CALs. When users have access to their mailbox with only one device  then buy 100 device exchange CALs. With Windows CALs are the same history.

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