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Vitrual 2008 R2 server with multiple IP Addresses, How to make each IP appear Static i.e. Not Looped Back

Hi All..

Ok I just purchased a Virtual windows 2008 R2 Server with 3 IP Addresses. 1 is configured as the Default IP address and the other 2 appear to be pointing back to the Default. I believed they are 'Looped' back to the Default.

I want to Create 3 separate Login ID's on this machine and I want each ID to be associated with a different IP address.  

Is there a way to 'Isolate' each of these IP Addresses.

BTW.. I can use RDP to log into each IP Address but if I 'Ask' Google .. "What is my IP" ... it always come back with the default IP Address and not the one that I logged in to..

Thanks in advance

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Cliff Galiher
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Hi Cliff...

Hmmmmm Ok.. I guess that is what I was afraid of....

If anybody disagrees with Cliff please Chime in... I will wait a couple of hours and then award the points...

Thanks in advance..

I agree with cliff ip addresses cannot be assigned for different users
As for the 2 spare network adapters you will have to talk with your supplier and get the additional ip addresses for the other 2 adapters and use them to talk to a storage array or other (internal) virtual servers in their plant.
Ok thanks all... I was afraid of that..  

David, if you don't mind I will award Cliff the points. He was the First one to 'Bare the Bad News' :)

I agree with Cliff.  What you could use the other IP addresses are for things such as websites, etc. where you could bind a site to a specific IP.  Unfortunately this cannot be done with RDP.