Verify if Account is in a certain AD group


I use the search below to get me certain accounts within my environment , can someone help me modify it so it can also verify
if these "x" accounts are also members of the  " X Users Group"  ? so the xData file can also show if each of these accounts are members
of the X Users Group ?

Get-ADUser -Filter {SamAccountName -like "*X"} -properties * | ? { $_.whenCreated -ge (get-date "December 1, 2014") -and ($_.samaccountname.length -eq 10) } | Select SamAccountName,description,Title | Export-csv "xData_$(Get-date -f dd-MM-yyy-hhmmss).csv" -NTI
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Phil BossmanSenior Client Systems AdminstratorCommented:
I've reformatted your code slightly so I can better understand it and explain what I've edited

I start with getting the group you want to query. Then your all of your code.   I've added to the Select a dynamic field "XGroup" which will contain the "X GroupName" if the user is a member of the group
Get-ADGroup -Filter { member -RecursiveMatch $_.DistinguishedName } -SearchBase $ADGroup.DistinguishedName | Select -ExpandProperty Name

This code will get an AD Group by searching for a group where "X user" is a member recursively, (meaning the user can also be a member of any subgroup).  The search will start at the original AD Group, so we're not returning all groups that "x users" is a member.  If the user is found, then the group name is returned to the "XGroup" field by the select statement.  When the user is not found, the "XGroup" field is left blank.

$ADGroup= Get-ADGroup -Identity "X Users Group"

Get-ADUser -Filter {SamAccountName -like "*X"} -properties * |
    Where-object { $_.whenCreated -ge (get-date "December 1, 2014") -and ($_.samaccountname.length -eq 10) } |
        Select SamAccountName,Description,Title,@{Name='XGroup';Expression={ Get-ADGroup -Filter { member -RecursiveMatch $_.DistinguishedName } -SearchBase $ADGroup.DistinguishedName | Select -ExpandProperty Name } } |
            Export-csv "xData_$(Get-date -f dd-MM-yyy-hhmmss).csv" -NoTypeInformation

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MilesLoganAuthor Commented:
Hi Phil , this worked perfect .. thank you so much !
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