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How do I reload a combo box after NotInList Event fires?

When the NotInList event fires, I use the NewData and DAO's SEEK command to see if the NewData exists in a table. If so, I want to suppress error messages from ACCESS, and I want to requery the combo box and have NEWDATA displayed in the dropdown list.  

The query which supplies  the fields in the drop down list  is based on the contents of a text box ("CustShortName"). When the SEEK is successful, I store in the text box the value which should cause the requery to be successful. I'm missing something, because the combo boxes drop down list is empty and I get the standard ACCESS error about the string not being in the list.
After SEEKing NEWDATA and putting the correct data in "CustShortName", I set Response = acDataErrAdded and exit the NotInList event.  Help, anyone?

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John Tsioumpris
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Somewhere you must have something wrong because i also use Response = acDataErrAdded and it works fine without requery
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Jim Dettman (EE MVE)
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Thank you, Jim. Your experience paid off for me. I was reminded that the binding field can be different than the displayed field(s). I'm off and running!!