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copy 800GB with Robocopy

Hi Experts,

I have to migrate a huge data folder to my new NETAPP storage.
in the past I used robocopy for it.
Is it possible to use robocopy and start the copy and later I just can do the delta files ?
which command can I use ?
Can I use /mir or does it delete files in the source folder ?

What about this command ?

robocopy \\source \\dest /mir /copyall /njh /np /v /L

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The command is correct if you leave out /L. That only lists the files, but doesn't do anything.
/MIR deletetes files in the target folder. The source is never changed.
You might want to add /Z to allow for restarting the transfer of partitially copied file (without, the file will be copied completely again if interrupted).
If files can be in use, or permissions might not allowing access. add /R:5 /W:1 to allow for 5 attempts waiting 1 second for each, for every file to copy. If you do not provide those options, RoboCopy tries to copy the file until it succeeds.

You can start and stop the copy at any time. Of course checking for changes of a lot of files takes some time, so an interrupted and restarted RoboCopy might need several minutes until it seems to start doing something.
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ok thanks.
When I restart the job and I use the same command, with MIR, all files deleted again in the source DIR ?
Nothing gets deleted in the source dir.
sorry I meant in the dest folder.
I have to start the command several times because of delta files.

What about the /MIR ? It deletes always the destination files ?
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is /DCOPY:T also included in COPYALL ?
Nope. /COPYALL only refers to the files' data, folders are created (not copied) and hence get a different timestamp without /DCOPY:T
ok thanks.
I will start my migration tonight.
why this copy job takes ages ?

robocopy \\source \\dest /mir /copyall /njh /np /v /Z /DCOPY:T /R:5 /W:1
I am sitting here since 6 hours for a delta of 300GB
is it because of /MIR and comparing files ?
I have 1,5 million files in the folders
You should see some progress in any case. Maybe you should remove the /np to have more info.
Having that much files will certainly slow down operation, in particular if not having many folders.
ok thanks