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Google sheets | How to sort dates

Say, I have an Excel spread sheet in Google sheets. How can I sort dates in the form of dd/mm/yyyy in date order?
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)
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what have you tried? Select the data, then click Data > Sort range.

Tick if your selection has a header, select the column to sort by and select a sort order.

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cheers, teylyn
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We tried this but doesn't seem to sort the dates in date order. Perhaps they not formatted as dates... Help
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Go to File > Spreadsheet Settings

You should see the following prompt

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From here you can select the location which corresponds with the dd/mm/yyyy format (usually the UK is a safe bet). Then if you follow @teylyn's suggestion of sorting a data range, it should work!

Hope this helps.
The setting has been UK all along ... pleas help...

I've pasted a link to it
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Happy to have helped!
Is there a way to sort the entire sheet by the dates that are included in one column? (In Excel, this would be done by clicking "expand range")