I have repeater and it contains data. I want to sort the repeater by dropbox using jquery. Is it possible? If yes then how can I do it? Any example would be appreciated.

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Julian HansenCommented:
Yes it is possible - can you post the output of your repeater code (html), your "dropbox" and provide some information about where the data comes from and how you populate your repeater.
Johny12345Author Commented:
thanks for reply. Here is the detail:

Repeater looks like this in firefox browser

<span id="rptEmployee_ctl00_lblTitle">

    Employee 1


<span id="rptEmployee_ctl00_lblDescription">

    Employee desc




<span id="rptEmployee_ctl00_lblSalary">



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code is like:

     string file = Server.MapPath("App_Data\\Salary.xml");
        XElement element = XElement.Load(file);

        var employees = from employee in element.Descendants("Employee")
                        select new
                            Title = employee.Element("Name").Value,
                            Description = employee.Element("Description").Value,
                            Salary = employee.Element("Salary").Value,

        rptEmployee.DataSource = employees;

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Please advise. You can suggest me if I have loaded xml file in wrong way.

Julian HansenCommented:
Ok but what do you want to sort on?

Can you give an example of how the data comes out by default and how you want the sort to work.
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Johny12345Author Commented:
sorry, I missed it. I have to sort salary.
Johny12345Author Commented:
What do u mean by default? Do you want me to post more from browser output?  The data is not in table structure.
Johny12345Author Commented:
Please sir, help me. If you need more info the let me know.. thx
Julian HansenCommented:
I still need to understand how your output looks - your post above shows 3 <span>'s all with different data. You say in your second last post you want to sort on salary - I am assuming that there are therefore other <span>'s that you have not shown?
Is each grouping of <span>'s inside a container? I am trying to visualise how your data looks on the screen and how you want to sort it?

Please post full output of your repeater before a sort and then describe how you want this to be sorted.
Johny12345Author Commented:
Ok, sir.

Here are then exact things,

How data looks:

How html in browser

Thanks lot
Johny12345Author Commented:
Sir, do u think, it is possible? please advise me
Julian HansenCommented:
Yes it is possible - I will post something back shortly.
Julian HansenCommented:
Are you able to modify the html code - specifically are you able to add classes to some of the elements that are in the ouptut?

A solution is possible without this but much simpler if you can add classes to certain elements.
Johny12345Author Commented:
Yes, of course. I can change html where needed.
Johny12345Author Commented:
I am still waiting!!, Please help
Julian HansenCommented:
Here is a sample on how to do this - some changes to your code needed to be made namely

1. A class added to the <label> that contains the price - this is not strictly necessary but does make the code a bit simpler.
2. Locating the table outside of the productListing <div>. If you want to be able to sort these items in browser then you need those items to be in their own container - not sharing it with another element that performs a different function.

A sample page is available here.

The source for this is attached.
Julian HansenCommented:
A final note - I had to change your sample code as the html you posted contained 11 items with the same price - which is not really useful in testing whether or not the sort function works.

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Johny12345Author Commented:
Thank you sir, I appreciate.
Julian HansenCommented:
You are most welcome.
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