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ASP.Net MVC View Model Conflicts Best to Deal With?

Hello all,

So this is something common that comes up.   I have a view model being passed to my Razor View called CustomerSchedule.   In that view model there is CustomerID that when coming into that view if I placed a EditorFor I see the Customer ID number.   Further down the view I have a kendo grid that is bound to another view model called CustomerFees.   In that view model I also have a field called the same property name CustomerID.    In that grid I pass to an action Model.CustomerID which usually would take the higher level View Model property in no issues.   Problem is no matter what I do that Model property is coming up 0 every time.   I even tried using JQuery to get at the property and it's still 0 but the EditorFor is showing the ID number.   Any idea how to best deal with this?  I was trying a partial view as well not sure if that would work etc.
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I think you should post the relevant parts of your view.

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