Blackberry wont accept lock password

Rajkumar Kamath
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user is having bb9800 with device password enabled. issue started since last week. the device wont accept the password and got a final message , enter blackberry to continue. the mobile is hooked up to bes 4.1 sp7. did set password and lock handheld and unlocked the device.

after a few hours, the device is showing the same behaviour. any place to look for , which could indicate where the issue is?? havent seen the device personally, however the user claims the device not having any sort of sticky keys or things that could be messed up.

many thx.
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Rajkumar KamathIT Manager


please advise if there is anything that could be tried
IT Regional Manager - UK
personally you need to get hold of the device and check the physical handset for any keyboard issues, after resetting through the BES, it can only be hardware fault unless the user is really incompetent.  that being said, you might want to look at BES upgrades as well, 4.1 is really old now (5 years).

you can also verify the device has the final firmware update (check by which carrier you use), which should be roughly and correct keyboard/language settings.  then i would wipe the handset and reload the user's settings/profile and see how that goes.

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