MS Access 2010 - Remove Header/Footer

Hi Experts,

This is most likely an easy question but I forgot how to do this.

This is a Access Report

There is a section:
Contact Header

Contact Footer

I would like to ONLY remove/delete the Footer, but for some reason I can not find out how to do this?

Please help and thanks...
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Amour22015Author Commented:
Ok, that totally got me lost.

I don't have any of that in my 2010 Access.

I have tabs:
File: Home: Create: External Data: Database Tools: Design: Arrange: Format: Page Setup:

What tab?

then what section?

then what to do in that section?

Please help and thanks
Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
Open the report in designview.
Right-click in the report (outside a control).
Deselect Report Header/Report Footer.

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Looks like GeNeRaL971 was answering a power point question.

Here's a picture of what you should see.  On the Design tab, press the Group & Sort button to show the details on the bottom.  The "x" all the way to the right of the sorting/grouping item will remove it.Headers and Footers

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Amour22015Author Commented:

Gustav Brock,
If I do that will it not delete the both the Header/Footer?
I don't want to delete both because there I need the info in the Header.

I don't want to delete groups I want to ONLY delete:
Contact Footer

Please help and thanks
The grouping is what makes the footer.  You can remove the footer section without removing the grouping by just changing the property.  Click the "more" option for the Contact group.
Amour22015Author Commented:

I should say that I am new to all this.

Currently my Property Sheet is at GroupFooter0 and I have Contact Footer highlighted.

On the Group, Sort, and Total section I have:
Sort by expression
        Group on expression, ascending, by entire value, with no totals, with title click to add, with a header section, with a footer section, keep whole group together on one page, Less
       Add a group   Add a sort.

Please help and thanks
Amour22015Author Commented:
Like on:
ID: 40822788

I noticed that the "group on RC" is showing and I also noticed that there is a "RC Footer"

But on mine:
There is no "Group on Contact", yet I have a "Contact Footer"

See attachment.

Please help and thanks
Since there is nothing in the footer, you can just drag the bottom edge all the way up to remove the space without actually removing the section.
Amour22015Author Commented:
Yes I know that I can drag the bottom edge up,  but I wanted to know if I could actually delete the footer without deleting the associated header?

Thanks for helping.
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That is what I told you several posts back.  Go to the sorting/grouping dialog that is shown in the picture I posted and CHANGE the settings.  

However, if you drag the footer to a 0 height, what difference does it matter if it is still there?
Amour22015Author Commented:

I noticed that your image shows but mine is in word and you have to open to see it.

What are you doing that I am not?

Some have mentioned to use ? to do the same, but I have not been able to finger that out.

So let's see:
I do a prnt screen
I copy it into word
double click
get the crop tool and cut out all I don't need.
save the docx
and attach

What do you do?

You have to save the image as an image file type such as .jpg.  Then in the attach file dialog, you have the option to embed the picture.  I don't think embedding works if the file type isn't an image.

In my office, I use SnagIt to capture the image.  Other places, I use the Snipping Tool which is part of Office or Windows 7.  If you don't see it, go to the accessories folder and pin it to the start menu.
Amour22015Author Commented:
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