Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string


When running the script below in a third-party product that integrates with SQL, we get the following error message:

Conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string

Any ideas as to why?



/*create Service Channel Payment File*/
use [master]
if object_id('tempdb.dbo.#database') is not null
    drop TABLE #database
create TABLE #database(id INT identity primary key, name sysname)
if object_id('tempdb.dbo.#Payments') is not null
    drop TABLE #Payments

create TABLE #Payments(ID INT identity primary key, VendorID char(15), InvNum char(21),  PayDate datetime, PymntAmt numeric(18,4), PtmntNum char(21), VENDORCLSID char(15), COID char(5))
set nocount on

insert into #database(name)

select name
from sys.databases
where name like  '%ZK%' or name like 'SF' or name like 'ZOEPA'

and source_database_id is null

order by name

--Select *
--from #database

declare @id INT, @cnt INT, @sql NVARCHAR(max), @currentDb sysname;

select @id = 1, @cnt = max(id)
from #database

while @id <= @cnt


    select @currentDb = name
    from #database
    where id = @id

    set @sql = 'select pm.VENDORID, pm.APTODCNM, cast(pm.DOCDATE as datetime), pm.APPLDAMT, pm.APFRDCNM, v.VNDCLSID  from '+ @currentDb + '.dbo.PM30300 pm join '+ @currentDb + '.dbo.PM00200 v on v.VENDORID = pm.VENDORID'

    --exec (@sql);
    insert into #Payments(VendorID,InvNum,PayDate,PymntAmt,PtmntNum,VENDORCLSID)
                update #Payments set COID = @currentDb where COID is null
    set @id = @id + 1;


select  * from #Payments
and [PayDATE] between convert(datetime,'GBL_DOCUMENTSTARTDATE',120) and convert(datetime, 'GBL_DOCUMENTENDDATE',120)
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Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
character field --> datetime field blew up

CAST(pm.DOCDATE as datetime) --> #Payments.PayDate

So for starters, what's the data type for pm.DOCDATE?  If it's a character field, any value that cannot be converted to a valid datetime will cause this error.

So, give this a whirl, and if there are any rows returned, you'll need to fix/handle them..

FROM whatever_pm_is

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TBSupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the quick response, Jim!

pm comes from a table called PM30300.  The DOCDATE field is in that table is a datetime field.

When I run your script, no values are returned.

We changed CAST(pm.DOCDATE as datetime) to pm.DOCDATE, but we still got the same error.

Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
>and [PayDATE] between convert(datetime,'GBL_DOCUMENTSTARTDATE',120) and convert(datetime, 'GBL_DOCUMENTENDDATE',120)
This might be it.  Lose the quote marks around the GBL_ columns, as it'll treat that as the string GBL.. instead of the column with that name.
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TBSupportAuthor Commented:
Hi Jim:

I'm afraid that that did not work either.  Any other suggestions?

Thanks, again!

TBSupportAuthor Commented:
Hi Jim:

Long story short, we did determine as you did that there is something "wrong" with the following:

and [PayDATE] between convert(datetime,'GBL_DOCUMENTSTARTDATE',120) and convert(datetime, 'GBL_DOCUMENTENDDATE',120)

Specifically, the conversion syntax is not working.  Can you think of another "form" of conversion syntax that can be used, instead?


Doug BishopDatabase DeveloperCommented:
First if DOCDATE is a DATETIME data type, as mention above, you do not need "cast(pm.DOCDATE as datetime)"; just use pm.DOCDATE. Why cast a datetime datatype to a datetime datatype?

Where are GBL_DOCUMENTSTARTDATE and GBL_DOCUMENTENDDATE coming from? They do not exist in the #payments table. What are some sample values? They may be your culprit. I prefer CAST instead of CONVERT because it is ANSI compliant. Use CONVERT when you need to convert a date to a string for display purposes.

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Vitor MontalvãoMSSQL Senior EngineerCommented:
TBSupport, do you still need help with this question?
Jim HornSQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Kinda hard to continue to troubleshoot this question since we don't have access to your data source(s) and can't run SQL on our own.  If there are column naming issues, we have no way of knowing.

So right now we're at..
>and [PayDATE] between convert(datetime,'GBL_DOCUMENTSTARTDATE',120) and convert(datetime, 'GBL_DOCUMENTENDDATE',120)
Lose the single quote marks
Are these column names not correct?
If these are dates, why convert in the first place?
Is PayDATE a date?  If not, comparing a varchar to BETWEEN dates will throw an error.
I dunno.  Gremlins?
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