Exchange 2010 WMI connection timeout

Would anyone know why i would be getting WMI connection timeouts in exchange.  

Currently i'm using Omnicenter as our monitoring system of exchange, and we currently get a lot of error messages regarding WMI connection timeouts.  

we are currently running exchange 2010 Sp3 rollup9

thank you
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Amit KumarCommented:
Please share details of error or alert
sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
I would get error message saying WMI connection timeout,  for active directory topology check, Microsoft Exchange Address Book Check, Microsoft Exchange Address Book Check.

Im not to familiar with WMI and how it connects to exchange.

Amit KumarCommented:
Any event ID in Application or System logs regarding WMI or any screenshot you can share here with hiding any critical business information e.g. Server name.
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sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
----------------------------------- a lot of these alerts
Microsoft Exchange cannot find a route to the source transport server or home MTA server CN=Microsoft MTA\0ADEL:5bd32b2a-e0a9-4125-ace3-4dcca21cd64e,CN=Deleted Objects,CN=Configuration,DC=SMBMI,DC=LOCAL for connector CN=Connector for Captaris RightFax (CASCBWB01),CN=Connections,CN=First Routing Group,CN=Routing Groups,CN=First Administrative Group,CN=Administrative Groups,CN=SMBMI,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=SMBMI,DC=LOCAL in routing tables with timestamp 6/10/2015 9:36:39 PM. Microsoft Exchange is ignoring the source transport server.

------------------------------ a lot of these warning
Process edgetransport.exe () (PID=136872). Configuration object CN=2k3\<--\>2K10,CN=Connections,CN=Exchange Routing Group (DWBGZMFD01QNBJR),CN=Routing Groups,CN=Exchange Administrative Group (FYDIBOHF23SPDLT),CN=Administrative Groups,CN=SMBMI,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=SMBMI,DC=LOCAL read from SMBMINS1.SMBMI.LOCAL failed validation and will be excluded from the result set.  Set event logging level for Validation category to Expert to get additional events
about each failure.

The process with process ID 136872 is holding the performance counter active remote delivery queue length Value=0 SpinLock=0 Lifetime=Type: 1 ProcessId: 136872 StartupTime: 130783566377222191 from instance _total(CFBEE918) RefCount=0 SpinLock=0 Offset=32 and category MSExchangeTransport Queues while running processes are: Processes running are:
984 LogonUI
81556 mmc
48000 mmc
1176 svchost
2160 svchost
10184 DMRExRestore
580 wininit
5700 taskeng
2940 Microsoft.Exchange.AddressBook.Service
128908 WmiPrvSE
2740 GXHSMService
572 csrss
4708 rcgui
3608 MSExchangeMailboxReplication
57808 csrss
1748 SMSvcHost
2568 vmtoolsd
179440 mmc
92364 EvMgrC
62616 mmc
1936 LocalSch
56504 winlogon
3312 MsExchangeFDS
18480 powershell
2124 svchost
3108 Microsoft.Exchange.EdgeSyncSvc
348 SLsvc
68704 mmc
6056 winlogon
1524 Exclaimer.PolicyProcessingEngine.ConfigurationService
1720 LDRegWatch
9008 svchost
88200 WmiPrvSE
5064 Exclaimer.PolicyProcessingEngine.RemoteDeploymentService
2896 GXHSMService
7820 dllhost
103184 svchost
528 csrss
2496 SoftMon
328 svchost
8404 explorer
2036 issuser
57652 vmtoolsd
145760 MSExchangeTransport
1840 cvd
3940 Microsoft.Exchange.ServiceHost
2484 snmp
7604 svchost
9572 dwm
11084 w3wp
16344 mmc
4840 vmtoolsd
3736 Microsoft.Exchange.ProtectedServiceHost
896 svchost
57828 explorer
63736 mmc
46596 w3wp
3648 Microsoft.Exchange.Imap4
1480 residentAgent
238864 mmc
75344 mmc
3840 Microsoft.Exchange.RpcClientAccess.Service
9552 mmc
488 policy.client.invoker
288 svchost
4532 cscript
680 lsm
3436 Microsoft.Exchange.Imap4Service
9344 csrss
1660 collector
241224 mmc
672 lsass
2368 svchost
182648 InetMgr
89516 mmc
102256 mmc
56612 dwm
56412 rdpclip
660 services
264 svchost
1248 tmcsvc
1444 svchost
252 svchost
456 smss
2228 RFExchConn
14760 WmiPrvSE
1828 cvd
9792 taskeng
76920 powershell
2612 svchost
620 winlogon
1428 svchost
836 svchost
185836 cmd
130684 vds
2008 pds
56768 taskeng
53700 mmc
5184 Exclaimer.Connectors.MailRules.ExchangeUpdateService
2700 EvMgrC
148368 w3wp
2784 Microsoft.Exchange.AntispamUpdateSvc
230752 inetinfo
1400 spoolsv
9476 cmd
1004 svchost
9276 rdpclip
2180 MSExchangeTransportLogSearch
1784 exfba
7456 w3wp
992 svchost
4 System
8024 msdtc
35856 mmc
1380 MSExchangeADTopologyService
0 Idle

thanks for the help
Amit KumarCommented:
Seems you have migrated your exchange from 2003 to 2010.

MTA alerts and warnings are relevant to Exchange 2003 routing group connectors those are still available in Active directory. It is very risky to play with AD, I hope they are not making any problem as of now. Need an AD expert to work with it. Still refer below articles. Make sure relevant Event IDs are 5015 and 5016

On the last one it is kind of Transport service issue, may be some storage issue where you kept mail queue Database, still I am mentioned some articles relevant to this, it has something critical things to do so be careful before doing anything, I suggest to take backups. On the other hand before doing anything restart Transport service it may resolve this alert.

Best of luck.

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sirichaiphumiratAuthor Commented:
Great thank you, and yes I do restart the transport services a lot.

thanks again.
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