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Hi Experts,

 We have an issue with disk errors while backing up on one of our exchange server disks, trying to avoid bringing email down for hours to run chkdsk.
Is there a third party tool that will run an online check disk with the fix options or any other methods. Thanks.
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No. It has to be done with the disk in offline mode. Maybe you should also check the state of thie disks within the RAID array and replace the bad one if there is one.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Checking can be done online with MS CHKDSK but if you know that errors are there then you need to fix them. And there is no third part tool which can do fixing better than MS CHKDSK.
It needs full access to data for fixing them and this can be done in pre-Windows interface which loads after restart.
What's the error?
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jaya31Author Commented:
We use Data Protection Manager, it was failing with Disk I/O errors, we then used Windows Backup and it gave a more detailed message - Certain blocks can be read due to bad clusters on the hard disk and the error is telling us to run a chkdsk.

From the suggestion above seems the only solution would be to run chkdsk in the post.

If we try to run chkdsk now through windows, it tells us to the drive is in use and schedule the chkdsk. To minimize downtime, we are going to dismount the one exchange database that is on the bad drive and run chkdsk through windows,  in this scenario, does chkdsk fix the errors or will it require a reboot, if so will the chkdsk run all over again, or will it fix on the spot. Just trying to get an idea of downtime for email. Thanks.
If the volume can be dismounted as nothing uses it, then you don't need a reboot (although a reboot on Windows servers should be done now and then).

Have you checked the state of the actual disks in the array?
jaya31Author Commented:
Yes, the array is showing errors and HP verified and suggested firmware updates. However, we don't have a good backup of one of our exchange stores, and want to run the chkdsk, let it fix the bad cluster get a good backup and then apply the firmware for the controller. That's if chkdsk does what it supposed to do.

So just to be clear, dismounting the one store, run chkdsk, chkdsk should fix the error and then we would mount the store and the server will not need a reboot, only users on that store will be affected.

Or does the controller disk errors bring another layer of problems?
It's not just the store you have to dismount, but rather the complete Volume (partition). That will only be possible if nothing else is running that accesses it. If that is the case chkdsk should unmount it automatically, do it's tasks, then mount it again.

The disk's or controller's problems could cause further issues, but it is probably better to first do the backup (and chkdsk).
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If you have only one database on this volume then simply dismount it and let the chkdsk run. If the partition is not a system partition then it will work.
But be sure that you backup the database first. If some bits of the database are in these bad blocks and chkdsk marks these bad blocks as bad - the data from them is going to be lost as well.

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jaya31Author Commented:
HI Experts,

I was running chkdsk on the f: drive using GUI in windows. Then I got a notice that the C: drive was running low on space, down to 138mb, I had to cancel. Is there a log file that is being written to C: drive system drive

Should I be running this in dos mode vs. gui in windows?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
If the partition is not a system partition and does not have system files on it then there is no difference where you run it. In GUi is ok.
Free up some space on C (move some data and clean temp folders). Rerun this check. Note you need to run chkdsk f:/r which tries to check each sector and it takes time.
jaya31Author Commented:
Thanks, we ran it again and space was going down again on the c:, we found that the page file was increasing in size, we set a limit on the page file and then run the chkdsk.
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