Why isn't my footer working?

I apologize if this is answered here but I couldn't find it. Here is the issue:

I am trying to have a front page with our company logo in the header of the first page only and with page numbers from page 2 onward. I followed the various instruction guides and tried different methods. When I just click USE A DIFFERENT FIRST PAGE I can't see the second header and footer to break the link. When I insert a SECTION BREAK I can break the link for the header and footer but when I type on the first page the second header moves as I type so PAGE 2 footer goes away when I get to PAGE 3 where it begins numbering at PAGE 3 and when I get to page four there are no pages numbers until PAGE 4. What am I doing wrong?
Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAsked:
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The key is to understand the heater/footer system.
Each section can have up to three types ('First' page, 'Even' page and 'Prime'). All the headers and footers are 'Prime' unless they page layout options make them something else.

Also, the headers and footers of each type in each are, by default 'linked', .i.e. the same as, the header or footer of the same type in the previous section.

So, if you have the different first page setting, there is no link to the other headers/footers in that section.

If you want to have page numbering on the second, but not on the first page, you can do that without having more than one section. However it will show the page number as page 2.

If you want the second page to start the numbering at page 1 it should be in its own section. In that case, you probably won't need to use any of the page layout options, so that you only have 'Prime' headers and footers.
In your case, I would simply leave the page 'Headers and footers' options to default. Insert a section break after the first page and then unlink the 'prime' header and/or footer of the second section from the first.
Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
I tried inserting a section break but as I typed it would move, bringing the page numbers back so they would only show from the last page I typed. And if I deleted the section break it would delete my company logo too! I think I might be okay though. It looks like the second page footer somehow got deleted from the original .DOT file and I couldn't get it back. I created a new .DOT file from a blank page, set my page layout to a different first page and now I do have (when unhidden) a page header and footer. Once I know it is working I will close out this question. Have a great day!
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I am concerned that you don't have a full understanding of what is happening and that you will have a similar difficulty next time that you try anything in this area.

However, I am pleased that you have overcome you immediate problem and will try to enjoy the remaining 2:45 hours of today.

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Ed MatsuokaPartner/Senior IT SpecialistAuthor Commented:
You are right.  Though I have written dozens of Word VBA macros, I have never understood page breaks and so have not used them in my programming. Could you explain one thing to me? All the instructions I read said to insert a SECTION NEXT PAGE at the end a page, meaning I think, the last line on page 1. Is this why my SECTION BREAK is "floating" along with my text so that at the end of a ten page document only page 10 has a PAGE 10 footer?
I see that I missed your last clarification question.

A Next Page Section Break creates a new section and forces a new page. Notionally, the break 'belongs' to the first of the two sections, so that is where is appears in the Page Layout view.

If you insert such a section break in the middle of an already-existing page, the second part of the text will appear on a new page. Inserting the break just where the page overflows (or to replace an existing manual page break) shouldn't cause a new page to be created.
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