How to remove or brake RAID 0 on Dell Perc 5/i

Hello Experts - here i provide as much info as I can and hope you guys can advise.
Dell Poweredge 29-- Server with windows 2003
Dell PERC 5/i integrated controller which seems to had 2 disks for OS RAID 0, one disk had failed few weeks ago and theother one has failed today !!
when I look at the configuration it showed one missing and the other one as Foreign. I cleared the FOREIGN, and now it shows one as below under PD MGMT
01:00 Seagate 0 (MB Failed
01:01 Seagate 139392 Ready

the other 4 disks are for data (RAID 5)

Can I break the RAID 0 and install an OS (windows 2003) and see the data till we replace the server?
OscarIT supportAsked:
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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
raid 0 has no redundancy as the data is striped across the disks
you are looking at a data recovery specialist if the data is that important and you don't have any backups

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Seth SimmonsSr. Systems AdministratorCommented:
then again, you stated one drive failed a few weeks you mean raid 1?  raid 0 would have made it fail totally right away
in that case you might be able to replace one drive (the one that failed first) and create a raid 0 on that one and install windows there and there might be a chance to read the other disk otherwise the data recovery specialist option still stands
Unfortunately, you have 100% data loss.  As such, just blow the RAID0 away at the BIOS, and configure that as a single non-RAID disk, and restore the O/S. The RAID5 will not be touched, and will mount on the new O/S.

(Well, windows will touch it, so be careful and make sure you install the O/S on the right disk)
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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
If one disk failed a few weeks ago but it was still up, then you did not have a RAID 0. RAID 1.

Disk 0 is showing FAILED right now, and disk 1 is showing READY ... which one failed a few weeks ago? If disk 0 failed a few weeks ago, then you cleared the good configuration from disk 1.

You can reinstall Windows or you can try to bring the existing back if you explain the above.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
I removed the 4 disks that have data to not be touched accidentally, I only have the OS disks (disk 0 and Disk1) I attached the screen hope it explain the situatation.
Also I need to know if I can install OS on new SATA  connect it to on board SATA PORT AND INSTALL OS and then see the data from the Raid5 on PERC 5/I. Or I have to install OS on the disks on PERC 5/i
Yes, you can install the O/S to a SATA drive.  That is excellent idea. Then you can get the system running ASAP and do another re-install proper with a RAID1 on the PERC.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Thank you guys for stay with me through this task that I have little experience for years ago. This is what I have done.
Bought SATA from local store and replaced it with drive 01 :00 as attached picture, Use Dell installation CD to install OS(Win2003) and boot to windows OS, so far good.
Now as attached picture I think I should clear foreign state and then I should see the DATA  volume, please advise since important part is left and I don't want them to lose their data.
There is no attached picture, but for now, there is no reason to clear anything.   There should be no foreign state for the RAID5.  Go to disk administrator and mount it.  If it does not show up in disk administrator, then you need to make sure you installed the PERC drivers.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Since I used Dell Installation and server mgt CD to install OS, it did load PERC 5/i driver and windows OS, device manager also shows PERC driver. where do I see the disk administrator to mount?
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Here is windows device manager
You never reported that the RAID5 had any problems, just the RAID0 was reporting error.  It is statistically improbable that a drive failure would take out both the RAID0 and the RAID5, and take all disks in the RAID5 to foreign.

What else happened?  Did you take a lighting hit?   You could force all the RAID5 disks online, but without carefully running diagnostics, you could put your data at risk if the RAID5 was degraded and doing I/O for a while then the system failed.

Do you know for a fact (your data depends on this) that the RAID5 never went into degraded mode, and all disks were always online?  If the RAID5 ran with 3 out of 4 disks, and you force one of them online, then you'll destroy your data.

This whole thing doesn't add up.  I expect the RAID5 went offline, not your RAID0.  But you could have multiple errors so don't do anything else until you report more info about exactly what happened.  If you don't know about something, then that is OK, better to say "I don't know" then answer incorrectly.
andyalderSaggar maker's framemakerCommented:
Do not clear the foreign configuration it is what tells the controller all about your RAID 5 data disks. In the picture - PERC 5/I after OS INSTALLATION select Operations and import the foreign configuration. (hopefully there is a 4th foreign disk out of screenshot).

Wait for PowerEdgeTech to verify though.
OscarIT supportAuthor Commented:
Hello Everyone, I don't have much to add to this case, I was the 2nd person to work on the issue and I decided to not continue on the case but to recommend to send the server for data recovery .

Thank you for all your suggestions.
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