Poweredge 2970 runs sluggish with Ubuntu installed on SSD

MarcViste used Ask the Experts™
16GB Ram
Quad Core Opteron
PERC5 SAS (no raid)
Ubuntu 15.02 Desktop or Server (tried both)

I have Ubuntu installed without issue, but it runs horribly slow. So even when I just move the mouse (pointer moves fast) and do a quick hover over the sidebar for firefox etc, it moves horribly slow. Like it canot catch up to itself. It will take 5 seconds for the hovered names to finish coming up.

Does not do this when the live CD loads, so I think it's a hard drive/backplane/controller issue. Perhaps drivers or something?

Things start slow etc... just overall sluggishness.

Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
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It is probably the GUI slowing it down. The 2970 has like 16MB of graphics memory. Unity and the latest UI's probably won't run well at all on it.

You said "PERC5 SAS (no raid)" ... the PERC 5 does not support non-RAID. If you have a single disk, it would be in a RAID 0.


My bad Dell SaS5 nor perc5.
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As mentioned above, it is your GPU that is slowing things down. If you run Ubuntu on the server use the server version that doesn't come with a GUI. Manage the server remotely. If you do need a GUI, use one of the light GUI's, like LXDE or XFCE (Lubuntu or Xubuntu if you need Ubuntu as the distro).

Or go for Zentyal Server. It is based on Ubuntu Server, runs a basic, I think LXDE desktop. The server is really managed via a web-based management tool, so once the OS has been installed, you can do all the rest from a web-browser on another PC. It is easy to setup with a modular structure, so you can for example add active directory compatible server modules, or exchange server compatible mail server, or Webserver etc., and via the web interface it is easy to manage those.
What graphics chipset are you using? Have you try updating graphics driver?

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