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Removed SBS Server from the Exchange Topology. Now all users are getting this pop up

Your Administrator has made a change and requires you to restart Outlook

It comes up every few minutes too. I've tried deleting / remaking the Exchange profile. I've tried the setup /preparead routine. No matter what, these messages are popping up on all the workstations.

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I hope SBS is still in the network and FSMO roles are on it. In Exchange server NIC DNS should be pointed to SBS server.
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The FSMO roles were moved over to a new DC a long time ago. The NIC points to the new DNS servers on new DC1 and DC2.
Do you still have SBS in the network?
i still have the server. it is removed from the domain.
Let me know when this started happening. give details about your setup. What changes you performed. Run exbpa on exchange server.
Verify time between your DC and exchange.
I'll run this tonight after hours.
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