best way to publish ldap server info

when applications etc need ldap server info we usually publish the ip of the global catalog server
this is a problem when we retire DCs running ldap
what would be the best way to do this in the future that would leave changing DCs and Global catalog servers easier
should we create dns records or can srv records be used
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SpankinIAM SpecialistCommented:
I understand it's for hardcoding ldap info in some applications or connecting from outside of your internal network, correct? Prefered way is to always use DC locator service and base on AD subnet definitions if possible.

For the first scenario you can create A-record i.e. and point it to all your domain controllers' IPs. When you retire one of domain controllers you simply delete IP from DNS record while the a-record is still working with other IPs.

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dougdogAuthor Commented:
when I create an A record it can only point to 1 ip address
SpankinIAM SpecialistCommented:
you probably need to add multiple same a-records, each for different IP (not a DNS expert, sorry:))
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Typical best practice nowadays is to have all of your DCs as GCs.  So whether it's using port 389 or 3268 (or the SSL variants), then it wouldn't make a difference which DC you used.  As Spankin noted, it's best if the application uses the DC locator process, but if that's not possible, then with the above condition met you could just point the app at your domain name.  There are already multiple records for the domain (you'll see them as "same as parent") which point at the IPs of each of the DCs.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
its for the likes of printers sonicwalls server applications etc that you have to enter ldap server
dougdogAuthor Commented:
example a sonicwall will ask what us the ldap address
if I enter the ip of a dc that's great
but after a few years when that dc gets removed I need to go round all devices etc and remember to change the ip to the new dc
SpankinIAM SpecialistCommented:
If it accept names and it's in your internal network, than like footech mentioned, domain name would be ideal to use in your case. Domain name is a-record that holds all domain controllers in your domain, when they are demoted, they automatically vanish from domain name DNS entry.
dougdogAuthor Commented:
so what entry do I put in?
do u mean create multiple a records like pointed at 1st DC etc pointed at 2nd DC
SpankinIAM SpecialistCommented:
If that's in your internal network, you don't have to create new entries. Your domain name holds all domain controller hostnames. Use nslookup and type your domain name there and you will see how that looks like - you should see IPs of all your domain controllers that have their DNS records published.

If for some reason you want to exclude some of domain controllers from being used by the application then you can create additional a-record and point multiple IP addresses there in this way: - DC_1_IP - DC_2_IP
Reference here:
dougdogAuthor Commented:
so what would I enter for the ldap server name in an application?
you mean just use the domain name and it will then lookup an ldap server
You can see this works with a utility like ldp.exe.  When it asks for a server, just use the domain name.
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