Formatting Word 2013

I have a Word 2013 doc that is justified.

I would like to have a line between the sections (1, 2, 3, etc) but hitting <SHIFT><ENTER> adds a line, but the line above it justifies.

and then possibly inside these, I might need some sub-sections.  I have tried to create my own format.  And some of these subecstions don't even need a letter/ number

Right now, the only way I can get it to look right is using tables.  I have looked thru some contracts to help but nothing seems to help.  I m sure you have seen this before

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Your question could mean that you want to draw lines between document sections. For this I suggest that you use a paragraph bottom border. Jf the section breaks  aren't continuous, you could use a page border.

If you are asking about adding vertical space between paragraphs in a Multilevel list, then you could modify each of the used heading styles to adjust the Space Before and/or the Space After settings
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
If you really don't want to followGrahamSkan's simple suggestion to use a paragraph border, you can insert (i.e. DRAW) a line!

To insert a line:
Place the cursor on a new paragraph just AFTER the paragraph where you want to insert the line
Go to Insert tab ―> Illustrations group ―> Shapes ―> select Line
To get a straight line, draw the line while holding down the shift key
Double-click on this line to activate the Drawing Tools tab, Arrange group ―> Position ―> select In Line with Text
You can copy this and paste it wherever you need it!Insert Line

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coreybryantAuthor Commented:
I apologize, after calling #Office365 support, giving them the information, I was passed thru to the MS Word department.  I waited on hold for about 20 minutes.  He then gave me a ticket number and passed me thru to another person.

 After another 1o minutes , gave her the ticket number to her what I wanted, she asked me if I was the only person in the organization experiencing the problem.  I told her yes. She said one minute please, and passed me to someone else (their one minute was more like 12).
Paragraph with no lineI was wanting to use bullets for a document and having a line between them for starters.  And then I would lines between the "sub-menus". But it seemed the only way to make a line was to use SHIFT+ENTER
Paragraph with lineHowever, that increased the spacing of the last line of the first paragraph.  So he started to walk me thru some steps and then said "Wait, this is not supported by Office365".  So after speaking with him for 20 minutes, and three people, I was just tired.  

I wanted the1) , 2) etc paragraphs to have a complete line between them.  I thought this
paragraph-buttonwould do the trick, but it added lines everywhere that I did not want.
paragraphs-line1And then I wanted a line between the letters and numbers, the SHIFT+ENTER gave it to me, but messed up the last line of the previous paragraph.
paragraphs-noline1This I was OK with.  But then some examples  had to be shown
add-indentDid not work out too well, it added the indent to the i)

And then when I was getting back to 3), it totally lost county and took me back to one.  I thought about using tables to help format and then then make the borders white.

But I think that it was too much for Word to handle, And possibly the third guy.  Having to say I don't know I think is in the handbook.  

Fortunately, when they call me, the calls are recorded, I got tired of being told something different and it was only $5.00 extra to have it installed.  (We use our home number like a business number to stop   One supervisor told me someone from their team would not have told me to install Lync 2007, Java, or IE10 (no, I did not install that, I stopped).  I told him to find the call, he had the ticket and I had the time that I downloaded Java.  He called me back saying he could not locate it so I said one minute - and yes, it does say the calls are being recorded.  

Maybe it is too much formatting.  I told the third guy on that finally said they don't support it, I said I would go try Google.  He told me Google doesn't have Word.  I told him that they do, I have used it. I asked him how does he know they don't have Google and he said he didn't.  I said you better think twice then before calling someone a liar.  Yes, I know he did not use those exact words but enough was said  I have had Google business for years, just never used it, maybe it's time, unless they don't have a block feature on their business email.
Paul SauvéRetiredCommented:
I have a Word 2013 doc that is justified.

I would like to have a line between the sections (1, 2, 3, etc) but hitting <SHIFT><ENTER> adds a line, but the line above it justifies.

Instead of hitting <SHIFT><ENTER>, use <ENTER> only - this creates a new paragraph.

and then possibly inside these, I might need some sub-sections.  I have tried to create my own format.  And some of these subsections don't even need a letter/ number
I presume SOME subsections are numbered lists!

Do you intend generating a table of contents?

Can you post the document by replacing the text with gibberish (Ipsum lorem...)?
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