SQL Case statement to determine to add or subtract quantity

I have a situation where the table I'm using stores all quantities as a positive  values.  A "Sales" record would have document type = 1 with a positive quantity value and a return would have a document type = 2 with a positive quantity value.

I'd like to use a sql statement in my stored proc to add the quantities for all "Sales" records within a date range, then subtract all quantities for "Returns" records within that same date range to establish a net sales quantity.

I'm thinking of a case statement, but I suppose a subquery could work also.

I've you done similar, I would like to see how you accomplished this.

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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
A subselect would work fine. I've used made-up field names, so simply replace with your field names, and with your table name:

SELECT  SalesPerson,
        Type1Qty - Type2Qty AS NetQty
FROM   (SELECT  SalesPerson,
                    WHEN DocumentType = 1 THEN Quantity
                    ELSE 0
                END) AS Type1Qty,
                    WHEN DocumentType = 2 THEN Quantity
                    ELSE 0
                END) AS Type2Qty
        FROM    YourSalesTable
        GROUP BY SalesPerson) t

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Also, in the subselect, if you need to add more non-summing fields, you'll need to add them to the GROUP BY as well.
Shaun KlineLead Software EngineerCommented:
You can use your document type to determine if you should multiply your quantities by either 1 or -1.
case when documenttype = 2 then -1 else 1 end * quantity

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Scott PletcherSenior DBACommented:
    SUM(sales_amount * CASE WHEN document_type = 2 THEN -1 ELSE 1 END) AS Net_Sales_Amount
FROM table_name
    sales_date >= @start_date AND
    sales_date < @end_date
JBM2015Author Commented:
Thank You, I'll give those a try.
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