bash one liner question

I'm interested in deleting all the files in a directory which aren't .tar and then moving all the tar files to the archive sub-directory.
Can anyone assist with this simply syntax? I'm a windows guy... :(

[root@localhost hdd_bench]# pwd

[root@localhost hdd_bench]# ls

I want to do something like:
rm 2015-06* where not like .tar  && mv *.tar /archive/..
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F IgorDeveloperCommented:
You can do it in 2 steps:
First move the tar files
Second, remove all aditional files (subdirectories are not deleted)

mv *.tar ./archive/
rm *

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Why does it have to be a one-liner?

If you do the move first, then you can just delete the rest:

mv *.tar archive/
rm -f *

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F IgorDeveloperCommented:
If you need for any specific reason a one-line command use ";" between 2 commands:

mv *.tar ./archive/ ; rm *

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Your idea "rm 2015-06* where not like .tar  && mv *.tar /archive/.. "
is really nice, but under bash you will have to set extended globbing to make it work:

shopt -s extglob
rm 2015-06!(*.tar) 2>/dev/null || true && mv *.tar ./archive

"2>/dev/null || true" is required  to get rid of the messages saying that subdirectories will not be deleted and to set a "true" returncode in case there were a subdirectory starting with "2015-06"

If you're very sure that there will never be such a subdirectory:

rm 2015-06!(*.tar) && mv *.tar ./archive

The second part ("mv") will not be executed should there be such a subdirectory "2015-06..." anyway.

By the way,  you can always use "awk":

ls -Fd 2015-06* | awk '!/\/$/ {if($1~"\.tar$") {print "mv",$1,"./archive"} else {print "rm",$1}}' | sh

If you have spaces in filenames please let me know. The "awk" solution as posted will not work with such files.

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SaffronThePuppyAuthor Commented:
Yes, thank you. I may not have expressed my question well, but this is exactly what I was looking for:
rm 2015-06!(*.tar) && mv *.tar ./archive

I'm now exploring awk. thank you for that as well! Very interesting
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