User cannot send email to another user

We have one user that cannot send an email to another user on the same domain located on the same Exchange 2013 server.  It is a single Exchange 2013 server with about 50 mailboxes.  The sender can send to all other users in the organization.  He does not receive any errors.  He has also tried to send using OWA and was unsuccessful.  The receiving user has checked junk folder and spam folder.  Attached is the message tracking which appears to have delivered the message.

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-MessageTrackingLog -Sender kurtis.long@****.com -Recipient mario@****.com

EventId  Source   Sender                                      Recipients                                  MessageSubject
-------  ------   ------                                      ----------                                  --------------
RECEIVE  STORE... Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario@****.com}                 tess
SUBMIT   STORE... Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario@****.com}                 tess
RECEIVE  STORE... Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario@****.com}                 test email from web
SUBMIT   STORE... Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario@****.com}                 test email from web

HARED... SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 tess
RECEIVE  SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 tess
AGENT... AGENT    Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 tess
SEND     SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 tess
HARED... SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 test email from web
RECEIVE  SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 test email from web
AGENT... AGENT    Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 test email from web
SEND     SMTP     Kurtis.Long@****.com              {Mario @****}                 test email from web
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
Check if user have any rule configured in Outlook. That might be moving email to different folder.

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Amit KumarCommented:
Agree with Amit, check Inbox rules, in case you don't find anything there use MFCMapi tool, sometimes there are some corrupted rules as well. One more thing I have noticed in tracking logs, there is no event of "Deliver". Please check if something is pending in Queue as well. I am not much sure "Deliver" event should be there or not but still check queue once to verify.

MFCMapi troubleshooting link:
NytroZAuthor Commented:
There was a rule for a group that the user was a part of which was causing it to be moved to a different folder.
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