Ubantu installion, drbl, to Clonzilla installation

I am in the process of a ubantu (12.0.4) installation, using drbl, two network cards (one on board Intel 82579 lm and one a realtek RTL8169/8110 card).  I have been looking for hardware precautions for this type of installation and did not find a hardware list.  I would like to know the specifics of the network cards Eth0 and Eth1, as far as the port configurations for the switch.  I know that one has to get to the internet and one has to be an internal dhcp, not on my regular internal data network.  I am having problems getting both nic cards to work properly.  I get them to work for some time then they stop working.  I did try switching the eth0 and the eth1 back and forth, no luck to keep them running. What are the parameters for the switch setup or better the recommendations?  
Is anyone familiar with clonezilla and how to get it set up properly.  We did have another server working that is not working properly, so we decided to go to some new hardware and start fresh as the other was over 6 years old.  So I am using a HP Elite desktop 8300, with the onboard nic and bought a realteck nic card for the second.  

I am looking for someone who is familiar with this ubantu installation and using the drbl, and hopefully familiar with Clonzilla installation.
Hope there is that special person out there.  thank you so much
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
This guy has a whole series of videos to setup drbl using clonezilla https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkBetLzsWPY or you can go to his website and see all four videos there https://lecturesnippets.com/clonezilla-se-on-ubuntu-12-04/
barl009Author Commented:
Using a HP Elite 8300 Machine with on board nic Intel and a Realtec pcie nic. 1 TB drive with 8gb Ram. I installed Ubuntu and am usind the DRBL to work with the clonezilla installation. I have the one nic on my data network x.x.100.0 and I have the other nic on the Clonezilla network x.x.90.0. the dhcp (gateway is the and is also the static ip address of the clonezilla maching) is working beautiful and I am able to get to the internet on the .100 nic. I have gone over the videos for the installation and followed them well, I think. When I start my first clone, I am booting to the nic card on the uploading HP machine. I see the dhcp load and then the PXE boot. That is where the fun starts. I get a TFTP open timeout PXe-32 and PXE-M0F error. I have rebooted the switch(cleqar out ARP) and also rebooted the clonezilla machine. I need to understand more about the tftp timeout and I am hoping that someone else has had this problem..I have looked for log files in the following areas, but they are blank, so I have no hints: check the log files (/var/log/messages, /var/log/daemon.log, /var/log/syslog) on DRBL server to see if any related message about tftp. I am stuck and this is very critical to me as I can not move forward with my hardware deployments. Any help would be so appreciated......

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barl009Author Commented:
It was information that I already was aware, but good none the less.
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